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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ausiello Report: GG Carrying VM?

Off from the Ausiello Report at TVguide.com

CW Pitting Mars vs Girls? Plus: Kudrow on Grey's 2.0?
You know what they say about rumors: Most of 'em are true. Except in this case.

Lisa Kudrow is not — let me repeat, not — joining the cast of Grey's 2.0. As one ABC source flatly puts it, "All of the roles have been cast."

And while we're clearing up false rumors, let me set the record straight about all this Veronica Mars fourth-season flash-forward business. Contrary to reports, Rob Thomas' retooled Mars would not take place at an FBI Academy, with Veronica serving as a trainee. Our favorite snarky sleuth would be an actual agent. Personally, I love the idea — even though it would probably trigger a major cast purge.

There's also a rumor floating around that Mars' fate rests in the hands of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. Maybe, maybe not. While one insider says, "Clearly, Gilmore Girls not coming back would help Veronica Mars a lot," still another insists, "One has absolutely nothing to do with the other."

Either way, let's hope this whole mess gets resolved sooner rather than later. My faint heart can only take so much.

Of course, if we had to pick Girls or Mars, which one would we save and why? Cast your vote below! (I have it on good authority that this column is required reading for Dawn Ostroff.)

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tvgoddess said...

Question: Are you allowed to just repeat the Ausiello Report on your site without at least linking to it? Just checking? I thought that was illegal or something.

Anyway, I like the idea of the FBI agent thing, too, partly BECAUSE of the cast purges. As long as Keith's still there. And Wallace.

I choose Gilmore Girls, frankly because I think it still has a lot more to say and do than Veronica Mars does. I know that seems silly, but Veronica Mars has played out the Logan-Veronica thing and so many other things, and I feel Gilmore still has room to explore/expound on Luke-Lorelai and everything else.