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Thursday, March 22, 2007

It Needs To Die a Quick Death

October Road needs to die...

Die, I say.

Not for any reason but to save 2 careers: particularly Laura Prepon's and Brian Greenberg's.

I've sacrificed my 2nd of 3 braincells to watch this show because I promised to give it a second chance. (The other? I was feeding the Monster and I cannot reach the remote.)

Here's what I cannot take about the show:

1. A non-college graduate becomes a professor in a university.
2. A guy who has supposedly moved on now regresses into a past that never moved on... I mean, come on! Even me, coming from a neighborhood of losers in the K County district have losers that moved on and I don't just mean age-wise.
3. The show has a BAD soundtrack. I can take the first episode doing 80s music but it's establishing time that had passed. Being on the current time, music should be more relevant.
4. The characters are stiff and whiny.
5. The few funny lines are too few and far between.
6. Stoner jokes? Not so funny.
7. Guys that try and have sex with ex-BFF's crushes is so junior high. No decent late 20s guy would do that thing if they respected themselves.

Is that enough? Please add to the list as to why you hate the show or if you like it, let me know why I should waste my last brain cell on the next episode. Even Sam can't save this for me at this point.

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