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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blood and Guts Never Looked So Good

300 never looked so good.

Frank Miller's graphic novel put to screen was a titillating event that I could not take my eyes off: filled with half naked men with 8-packs (not 6!) and sensual women. As I woman, I would've been upset with some of the skin exposure but then, if I had the bodies of the woman in this movie, I would've writhed in scraps of cloth and smaoke myself!

Anyway, what was 300 about? It's all about the Spartan/Persian war, known as the war of Thermopylae. 300 Spartans went up against King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), an 8-foot tall Persian, who fancied himself a man-god among mortals. Of course, King Leonidas (Scottish actor Gerard Butler), would not sacrifice his people and his countrymen despite the priests and counselmen's blatant decision not to fight against the millions of soldiers sent to the Greek region.

300 is definitely not going to be replacing "Gone With The Wind" as the movie of all time, but at $68 million, it maximizes its almost unknown cast (although Faromir from LOTR is in it) to its potential, its score is actually pretty cool with a mixture of Persian, classical sounds and some really great heavy metal subliminally played during the battle scenes. Lastly, the computer generated graphics in this movie was used well to enhance the story, making the world of the Spartans more believable and realistic.

Overall, I loved it. If you wanted great storytelling, better than what was portrayed in movies like Troy and Alexander, you won't be sold short on this.

If it was, take is as an eye candy movie. I know I did!!!

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