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Friday, February 03, 2006

How Can I Take This Seriously???

The first month of school is over and I am so ready to be done with it. I was expecting these classes, although hoping that they would be the skate kind (which it isn't), at least be interesting.

Okay, I find the topics interesting.

The professors are mildly interesting.

The students? Not so much.

I've already heemed and hawed about one of my "smarter" (insert snarkastic snort) classmates saying one thing that's rather ignorant, me rebutting his argument, and then him, coming back, doing a 180 and calling me a show-off. That, apparently, is only the tip of the iceberg.

I would like to introduce the newest MENSA member in this club. She is this girl in my Geography course who's probably a little older than me but acts like she was 18.

She screams out in class that she has never heard of the word "hearth" in her entire life! If that's not enough to embarrass her, she snorts and asks the 18 year old boy next to her if he ever heard the word before. He grunts, "no".

He also looks like he's allergic to words, let alone books. I think he'd have an anaphalactic reaction the moment his textbook comes in contact with his fingers.

She smiles and says, "Thank you. I think these writers (take note, she didn't use the term authors) are making words up."

I just had to curl into a ball and wish them away.

She definitely was beaten with the dumbass stick longer and stronger than the average person.

I wish my hell ends there. Nope. There's Glenn.

Who is Glenn, you ask (and yes, I am not masking his name because his stupidity needs to be known to the whole world)? He is a know-it-all. He is the "Master and Commander" of our little project; the ass who thinks he can put me down.

Well, him being the leader and all, he thought that my "research" for the project was too specific so he didn't want to include it just in case the other students of the class would research the information themselves. So what does he put down as my contribution? The physical location (Longitude/Latitude) of a place that doesn't exist. That's it. No history, no words. Nada. I just want to strangle him! He posts almost all of the research the other 2 members of the team submitted and he posts all his research and photos. Again, I am coming up goose egg.

I sent him a private letter telling him it's so uncool that he thought that my part of the research wasn't considered necessary since he was the one who assigned me the task of researching the damned information. His response was to take it up with the instructor if I found his leadership lacking.

I just wanted to say that he is seriously lacking cojones since he can be so damned ignorant over the internet.

So, what does this little Donut Shop Owner do? Drop to his own level.

Tonight, I attacked all of his postings, calling his thinking illogical and impractical (and on both accounts it's true. I always back up my arguments with legitimate arguments and documentation). I also told him that trying to be cute and witty in class does not make him any more likeable than the average day-old scrambled eggs and that if he was to post arguments he should at least take the time to spell correctly.

His response was, "This is not an English class that you can correct me. And if you think I was being cute, I was just egsajurating!"


You might think that he was being sarcastic with the last word. Nope, he spelled 'exaggerate' or a variant of it this way in at least 3 previous postings.

Community colleges. Gotta love it!


ames said...

oh no he didn't!

M! The sentiment that you need to get the hell out of there i'm sure is one that you already are aware of... that is the most painful scenario I've ever heard of. not that i went to school with brain surgeons, but I'm pretty sure they knew Hearth was a word, and wouldn't spell exaggerate wrong.



DeAnn said...

I cannot believe he would spell exaggerate like that! Yikes!