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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bracing the (Snow) Storm

Of course, Nilly has to love snow.

Of course, it's my weekend to work.

Of course, I am hating life as we speak because snow and work are in the same sentence.

There is nothing worse than thinking about the inevitable. I should be happy that I was able to run around and do some errands while everyone flocks to the grocery store for 500 gallons of milk and 3000 loaves of bread for a snow watch that is calling for 6-10 inches of accumulation. People, it's only going to last for 1 day.

So while everyone else was falling in line in the grocery store, what was I doing?

Actually, not much.

Went to the library. Got into an argument with a wretched librarian. I acted like a mega-b*tch but the librarian's attitude was left to be desired. I've been going to the local library religiously every week (which is a better record than my church attendance currently) dropping off my returns and picking up current ones. Well today, apparently, was not going to be a borrowing week. I did my usual routine of checking out the latest bin of movies, music and books, and then perused the older movie and music selection. So, not having a great selection this week, I picked up a CD and headed to the counter. I presented her with the loot I was returning and the CD I was checking out.

The conversation goes:

L: I need your library card.
Me: Uh, you already have my stuff. The other girls don't ask my card.
L: Well, that should never be done. I need your photo ID and library card.
Me: I will if you tell me the logic behind you, holding on to the items I am just returning, proving that they are mine, and the fact that showing you my library card and my ID will not make the transaction void or faster than it currently is.
L: Well, it's the law

Knowing I have less than 10 minutes to drive away and head on to my appointment at the University, I just gave her a patented smile and said, "You know what? I don't need the CD that badly. You can have it."

She snorted and gave me the evil eye. The other 2 librarians I knew flashed me a "sorry" smile.

I knew she was right. I knew that the whole transaction would've gone smoothly if I just ran to my car, retrieved my card, raced back in and checked out the item. But that would've been too much work. Plus, I wasn't willing to give her the satisfaction (at least today) to let me run around for an item I really didn't want to check out and be late for something more important.

Lesson to be learned? Just deal with the people who already know you. Makes service with a smile a little more appreciated.

Off I went to my next appointment.

I met with the Transfer Counselor to the real College today!


The experience made me feel like I don't know what I am doing with my life... At least academically.

Let's start off with my counselor. She was great. Very convivial, very jovial. She was also probably 25 who was making more money than me and probably happy to have a job where she can go home at night and spend time with her family. That got me frustrated. What's worse? My campus guide.

Holy Cow.

He was a hottie. He's about 6'2", lanky, blonde hair, blue eyes. He had an easy smile and a friendly demeanor (I automatically thought of A when he came out and introduced himself). He's a sophomore, getting a degree in elementary ed, with a focus on the 5-6th grade. What else... Has a girlfriend who's getting a math degree. Has a brother that goes to school in Ohio... Plays baseball and basketball. I think I asked him more questions rather than the other way around.

I would've probably asked him out for coffee if it weren't for the fact that when he was born, I was already in the grade he wants to currently teach. Oh, and the fact that I am married...

It was a little intimidating that walking through the campus with him, realizing that everyone looked like they were 12 years old. The exception to this rule were the school secretary and the one professor we bumped into all throughout the school! They male students I saw couldn't even grow facial hair and the girls... they look like they're just playing with mom's make up!

I thought it was funny though that wherever we went, the girls gave my guide 'the look'. *Sigh*. Where were cuties like this when I was doing college tours before going into the Army? It might have convinced me to go to UW or any other university for that matter.

Well other than that, I am suffering through procrastination. Ames already told me to go study. Nilly's done the same. I just can't motivate myself to take this exam! Ugh.

I guess I should stop blogging and get my butt into gear. The snow tomorrow isn't enough excuse for missing an online exam.


the bro said...

You know that you probably got the other two librarians in trouble by saying that you didn't have to show your ID and library card to them, didn't you?

ames said...

i had the same thought... i was feeling bad for the other two librairians that had to deal with mega-rule-stickler-bitch after you left, lol.

so, i'm home, there is no one to play with since all Ickles are MIA and hubby went straight to bed after being in Freaking Spokane for the last three days, leaving me alone--even O is up in bed with her daddy... sigh. So I'm gonna read your fic!


*does happy dance*

You made my day with a fic present.

love and hugs (and wishes of no snow)


chris said...

Hey Miel. Since this is the only way I could get in contact with you...what's up? fucking librarians are always on my tip too. yesterday, when i was checking out a copy of seventeen magazine (i use the excuse its for my niece in the hospital who has leukemia...works every time), this bloated lady with a blouse 3 sizes too small behind the desk tells me i can't check out anymore stuff since i failed to return a copy of prince caspian. I said, "Bitch, please. Do I look like I'm a 13 year old Narnia fan. I mean look at me, I roll strictly with the Dragonlance crowd. Anyone can see that." I then threatened to talk to her supervisor and have her fired on the spot. She capitulated faster than the French in WW2 and apologized. She finally admitted she was looking at the wrong screen on the computer. After checking out my mag, I filled out a comment card complaining about how I was treated and how I felt that it was racially motivated. I left thinking, bitches ain't never getting that copy of prince caspian back from me. THE END

DeAnn said...

Curious: Have you seen "Off to War"?

DeAnn said...

I think snow excuses us from lots of stuff (especially THAT much snow), but not online. Dang convenient Internet!!