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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Whirlwind Named "Milo"

So this is what I've gotten so far from Ausiello this week:

Question: Why is Milo Ventimiglia coming back to Gilmore Girls this time? As much as I love Jess, why can't he just leave well enough alone? Rory went back to Yale, fixed things with her mom and fixed things with Logan. — Maria

Ausiello: Actually, this time it's Rory who can't leave well enough alone. After hitting another rough (and possibly permanent) patch with Logan, Rory decides to attend the opening of Jess' new 'zine/bookstore/art gallery in Philadelphia.

~Could this actually be? Amy? Jackie? Hints! I know K and I would always take this as good news.

Question: What's going on with The Bedford Diaries? — Christine

Ausiello: Considering that Milo Ventimiglia just joined the ensemble cast of Heroes, NBC's pilot about normal folks who possess superpowers, I think it's safe to say Bedford is dead. Heroes, BTW, is the same project that Greg Grunberg is attached to. In other words, I think I'm ready to proclaim this my new favorite show of the 2006-07 season!

~What? I can't believe they're actually giving up on BD even though NO ONE has watched it (except for a few of us that were privy to the pre-show). BOO! But then, apparently NBC loves this boy so I will give Heroes a chance. Strangely, the last show I really showed love for that was one of the big 3 was CBS' Joan of Arcadia.

DeAnn, here's the article about LG's disappointment on how ASP handled the Rory/Lorelai separation. I think LG was talking in the theoretical "mother" role.

Also, not to be a downer but I am crushing more Firefly dreams. Sorry, D! I pumped and hyped and all, and now the Big Dog, Joss Whedon had finally spoken.


ames said...

milo will never be out of work... and now we don't have to hate that zoey girl... less work for us, right?

I was hoping for some juicy milo shirtless sex scenes in BD though.... damn the man!

thanks for reviewing! I narrowly missed you tonight... but i'll try to send you my lit oneshot asap to look over... since we're on all things milo.


Camilla said...

It's good to see that Jess will be back, I love the sides from the ep. Though, I can't help but feel sad for Logan in the outcome of it. :*( Yet Matt has signed on for 13 eps in season 7 so he isn't going anywhere. ;) Who cares if he's with Rory or not? As long as he is in the show, I'm happy. Them together makes me even more happy though. LOL

And thanks for the cute comment on FF! *hugs to you and Ames* Love ya both! ;) I didn't have a chance to get back to it until today since I've been to my summer house with my family this weekend. :D I'm doing good by the way. Started a new school last week, because of the problems I had in the old one. This way is what's best for me, and even though things are going to be stressy for a while, it's better right? ;)

Aww, I can't wait to hear more from you M! But take your time, and good luck in school!!

RUDY said...

Is BD really gone because I just seen a clip for the show preview the other night on the WB.