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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More VM Updates and the Gilmore Argument

How sucky is it that UPN postponed the new VM episodes because South Beach is dragging it down? I was so bummed. So what do I do now that VM is on hiatus? Watch out for spoilers.

So here's what little information Ausiello parted with from his boards today:

Question: Please tell me more about Veronica Mars' new love interest. — Claire

Ausiello: Well, I wasn't going to reveal this because I thought it was supposed to be a surprise, but since it's already out there, what the hell. Veronica's new love interest is actually an older love interest. Remember Veronica's bad-boy beau, Troy Vandergraff (Aaron Ashmore), from last season? He's returning in the March 1 episode and, no surprise here, Veronica is less than pleased to see him — even though he claims to be newly reformed. It doesn't help his case that (stop reading spoilerphobes!) he stands accused of raping a student at Veronica's future alma mater, Hearst College.

And yes, DeAnn, Troy may be a dork but there was something about him that made being mischievous cool. I'd take Ice Twin any day. Heck, if I can have Ice Man in tow, I'll have me an Ashmore sandwich and be in heaven.

Here's also the ditty the Ickle Gals were talking about. Lauren Graham was a little disappointed with how ASP handled the Rory/Lorelai confrontation earlier this season.

Question: I am dying for some Luke-Lorelai dirt! — Susie

Ausiello: How 'bout some Lauren Graham/Amy Sherman-Palladino dirt? According to an Associated Press story that ran last week, Lauren and AS-P butted heads over this season's whole Rory-Lorelai separation plot. The story also reveals that the Palladinos' in-the-works comedy is officially dead, a casualty of the WB-UPN merger. Click here for all the juicy details.

Question: Do you have any new Milo-Jess news? — Annie

Ausiello: Just got an airdate for his episode: It's April 11.


Katherine said...

While I'm not so much a Troy fan, I'm intrigued at what RT will do with him. Especially since we now know that Hannah will be around for awhile.


I'm a bit unsure of what ASP will be up to. I just hope that Rory going to Philly is a little less forced than Logan inviting Luke and Lorelai down to the Vineyard. Because that, and the utter couple-y-ness of Rory and Logan down there, was nothing but awkward. The only thing that seemed them in the entire episode was the end, when they were both avoiding the reality of next year.


DeAnn said...

Wait, Jess will be on again? AWESOME!

Also, I am curious what exactly Lauren Graham didn't like about the fall-out? Do you know? I assume you do, since you find all the dirt for me!

Katherine said...

LG said that she didn't feel like she could justify that her character, as a mother, wouldn't fight harder to get her daughter back on the straight path, and she didn't feel like Lorelai would have let the rift get to the point that it did, and that she would have tried harder to mend it, and not let it continue to grow, because she was so stubborn.

DeAnn said...

Wait, Lauren Graham is a mother? I thought she didn't have any children.

Katherine said...

She doesn't. She meant that as Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelai Gilmore couldn't see letting all that stuff fester. Not Lauren. She's not a mother.