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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Talk With Rob, A Shoutout and Gossip

There is nothing more than a hands-on director like Rob Thomas. As much as we've fallen in love with his characters in Veronica Mars, he defends his choice of outing Donut, I mean, Duncan. It's sad that the Kane family had been phased out. However, like life, high school romances aren't usually the ones that last. Keeping it "real" is something I respect Rob for doing.

So, it's Wednesday. Ausiello gives us the scoops. Give the man props! The low-down? Everwood moving back to Mondays, its absence from the tentative CW schedule, more VM scoop and MC being in season 7 of Gilmore Girls. Read on!


Jack said...

Did you see the comment about the leading man having an affair with someone named Walker....and how it leads to a nasty split...possibly forever!

Yeah, they are talking bout Logan. Walker is one of the bridesmaids. Shoot and things were going sooo welll in the last eppy. How ever will I get through it? I guess this means you 3 need to pick me up with new ficage.


ames said...

it is ASP's rule of thumb. Are one of them having a successful relationship? KILL IT!!

And frankly, can I just say, they were BROKEN UP!!!

He wasn't cheating on her. He may not have a great way of trying to get over her, but he was trying to get over her. He wasn't anticipating being unable to, so he was trying to get her out of his mind. He wasn't standing her up, while he was screwing the closest available female.

I just don't see how ASP is going to wield this as something he's done to her. You can't be mad about things your now boyfriend did when he wasn't with you. You just can't.

I hate ASP.


jac said...

Heheh, this is so a la Ross and Rachel.

I get what you are saying and I agree they weren't together, but I can see Rory reacting just the way Rachel did.

I'm not happy that they break up, but there is nothing I can do, but let ASP playing with my heartstrings.


Katherine said...

And lets just remember, that not only did Ross sleep with the girl from the copyplace, but he also lied through his teeth and did everything he could to cover his ass. He knew that what he did was wrong. And even though they were technically broken up, it was like, an hour.

Logan has been all, I love you, I miss you, I need you, I want you, blah, blah, blah and I really don't see him stepping up to the plate and telling her that oh, by the way, he slept with a whole bunch of the girls that he just stuck her in a room with. It sucks to find out that your boyfriend didn't seem to miss you as much as he claimed to, or whatever, but to find out like that? That's really scummy of Logan, it doesn't matter if they were broken up. In Rory's head, you don't go out and sleep with every girl in your path. It's not the way she operates, and I can't really blame her for feeling betrayed. Logan lied to her, by ommission, if you want to get technical, but still. He should have told her, and not let her get blindsided by that kind of info. It's just mean.

Gee, taht was one hell of a rant! Can you tell I've been stressed? And bitchy?