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Monday, February 27, 2006

Jumping Too Soon

Okay, so I need this off of my chest.

Did Grey's Anatomy jump the shark?

If you haven't watched yet and are going to watch it, please do not let me spoil the show for you. However, I need to get this off my chest.


Okay, I like Meredith, despite her psychosis, being in lust with Dr McDreamy.

I like Madison, despite her cheating on her ex hubby, Dr McDreamy.

I am in love with McDreamy although he can't decide whether he is supposed to give his ex a second chance or allow himself to love again by being honest with Meredith.

I also love George; sweet and loveable George. He's the one character in the show that is a doofus that actually is human.

HUMAN, I say.

He has been in love with Meredith since day one. And what happens? Meredith literally screws him when she was drunk and he was being brave.

Although I know this happens in real life, having this happen this early in this show makes me want to puke. Not that I would like George to have unrequited love for Grey but I want him to actually be a person of character. Someone who won't give in to stupid acts of carnal feelings like Alex and Izzy do.

I hate it.

Someone, please, tell me this isn't GA's highest point.

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RUDY said...

I have it, too. GA definitely hit some spot that feels a little...um...horrible. I could have delt with them and the akwardness, but her crying. What? That is what creeps me out and poor George. He's always getting hit or tossed around.

I'm hoping this isn't GA's highest point, too.

*Wish they would have made McSteamy stay for a couple of more episodes as Mark. He was delicious!! And it would have been better for a storyline than George and Mer.