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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Should've Been Named Adam and Eve

Playing the name game... Again.

Just when we thought that celebrity parents have gotten smarter after they've named their kids "Pilot Inspektor" and "Jor-El" (or is it Kal-El?).

But, no.

With the only outliers, Ben and Jennifer Affleck, naming their daughter Violet, here we are again saying, "WHY"?

I hope they have good middle names, if not, life insurance.


RUDY said...

I know. People these days have gotten outrageous with kid names, and I don't just mean the celeberities. I mean all people. For example, a neighboring new mom named one of her twin boys Ram as in the Dodge Ram. And the other was named Dodge. So she has Dodge and Ram...Ram and Dodge. Crazy, huh?

Me said...

Now that is just plain mean.... :(

ames said...

you know, when most people name their kids after cars, it's usually the hicks that have named their kids after the backseat they got knocked up in... just a thought.

and moses? why not? clearly they want their kids kicked around the playground. i mean, having names like chris and gwyn, must have been hard themselves.... wait.... no. they're just mean.


jackie said...

Blows my mind.

People want to be unique. I mean hell, I get irritated when they try to find clever ways to spell common names, you know, if you wanted something clever, don't pick something common.

I really think they just want to hear "oh, that's such a neat name." There is just no other explanation.

Lindy said...

Yeah I agree with Jackie...it seems a lot of people just want to hear "oh that's a cool name.." Funny thing is, I didn't realize that Gwyneth was already near her due date...haha I thought she was like 7 months along...tells you how much I keep up with Celebrity news. Side note:...doesn't it seem like Katie Holmes has been pregnant FOREVER? maybe it's just me, but gee whiz..seems like she's been pregnant for a year.

Anonymous said...

Wow..i feel sorry for the kids.
I thought you might like this article--

Don't know if its true but with Chad you never know.


ames said...

Raise your hand if you're suprised... No one? *nods*


DeAnn said...

You're linking to a story about Chris and Gwyneth naming their boy Moses! I like the name Violet, though. What is wrong with it?

RUDY said...

I like the name Violet. You don't see many of those...as compared to Christie/Christy. Yep, that my real name. Rudy is short for my middle name. Anyhoo, my name's so common that I had five people with my same name in middle and high. And let me add that one of the five (Kristi) was my best friend.