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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Wishing I still lived in Seattle so that I could go to the Bumbershoot. In recent years, this concert had attracted and made several indie bands. Some known artists had graced the stage. This year won't be different. There would be some breakdancing and ballet that are to be featured.

Some of the Saturday spectacular? Girls in rollerskates.

Mary Gaitskill, author of the book, Veronica, will grace the event with her presence.

There are two stages to accomodate the comedians this year.

If that was not enough, the Seattle International Film Festival will curate 1 Reel Film Festival.

End the day with a trip to the newly reonvated Indie Market. If you go because I got you curious, you owe me a present from the stalls... Preferrably the touted viynl record handbags. I am really curious.


Anonymous said...

This is the funniest peice of crp i've read in my life:


the bro said...

I now don't feel too bad that I missed Metric the last time they swung into town. I'd be markin' like a mofo to check out Tribe Called Quest. I've also heard lotsa good about Dengue Fever.

Katherine said...

Sounds pretty nifty.

Maybe Seattle is worth my time.


DeAnn said...

That looks like a good lineup this year. But I doubt I'll get to go. It's hard to do stuff like this because I have wacky work days and hours.