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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Relieve Some Tension

This is like that carnival game where you can throw the ball against the target and someone gets dunked in the tank. Here's your opportunity to Save Our Shows.

Veronica Mars is on this list. So is Everwood. So is Scrubs. So is Reba. So is OTH (EWWWWW!!!!! Sink the stinky show. I'd pick Reba anytime, 5000 times over).

So get to it.

Moving on...

I went home early last night. With the puky sensation and headache-addled head of mine, I decided to just lie in bed and catch up on Gilmore Girls.

It is pretty sad that I forgot how the last episode ended. Watching Logan try to get in through Paris' apartment was not what I was expecting. Actually, I was picturing how I could start (again) chapter six of GOC but that's beside the point. The way Rory 'forgave' Logan was kinda weak, especially since she had no choice when she found Paris and Doyle doing tantric sex on the apartment floor. What's up with the whole moving back with Logan if she's going to be childish and not talk to him at all? I know girls do stupid things to show they're mad but man, the whole "disappearing act" for the weekend without telling anyone you know to get attention is more than stupid. It's selfish and dangerous. Not that there is something dangerous about Stars Hollow but y'all get my drift, right?

Fast forward to the whole Luke/Lorelai sitch. UGH. I hate this plot. I don't hate April. I hate the fact that ASP wrote Lorelai as wimpy and unattached. That isn't the Lorelai I know. Lorelai's current character reminds me more of an insipid child. Not that I would pull a Rory, going into the store (but why not? You are a stranger. Getting angry at Rory would consist of her stalking and not buying a bag) to check out the former flame but curiosity sometimes is what makes us understand. It's the reason why we have 200 religions. That's why we still order different chinese meals despite the fact that they all seem to taste like Kung Pao Chicken. Get it, ASP?

And I know I will have popcorn thrown at me for saying this but I LOVED Zach in this episode with Mrs. Kim. She was too hilarious!!! So we know for sure that Zach's got a job. We know that he actually knows how to save (no matter how little). But Mrs. Kim asking him for a recordable hit demo? Priceless. I thought it was rather cool the way Mrs. Kim wanted him to prove how he can support Lane with something he loves doing. I loved the part where Mrs. Kim changed the ending with a minor chord. She's one tough cookie but one that has really changed throughout the years.

I, too, loved the fact that Mrs. Kim gave Lane the antique ring and telling Zach to put away the "engagement ring" that would scare little children.

It was a good episode but until the season ends, I will constantly hold my breath until ASP destroys the JavaJunkie ending we wanted by her writing and revealing (put your rebreather masks on), "Luuuuuukkeee, you have a daaaaauuuuugggghhhhttttteeeerrrrr."


Anonymous said...

Ok, now I'm going to have to make all my fandom posts "public" until you break down and get an LJ site. :)

I totally agree with your views. I found Logan to be a good guy this eppy: open, honest, and caring. Rory was emotionally stunted.

And L/L, don't even get me started. Their relationship has gone down hill so fast, it is currently tunneling to China.

And yes, I am working on my first fic. It's a very scary proposition. But I thought I'd take the leap after being inspired by some of the best -- including you.

Michelle aka Mrs. Boyscout

Christin said...

I've done my duty now and voted. For VM and against OTH, naturally. :D

Haven't seen the latest GG ep yet, I'm dl-ing the clips from fanforum right now.

And I'm actually feeling quite calm about the latest spoilers. I loved the show long before Luke and Lorelai were a couple, but I guess it's all about how it's written, so I won't judge before I see it myself.

love, C

ames said...

Heck, I'll agree that Mrs. Kim/Zach was great. I just can't believe that she's jumping that gun so fast. I've never understood the going from broken up to engaged. Is that a normal progression?

I read the newest spoilers, at J's LJ... and frankly, i think the JJ ending is sealed. The nails are in that coffin. She's definitely killed her darllings...