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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Annual SOS and Gilmore Update

Kristin of E!Online is on her fifth annual Save One Show (SOS) campaign this year and it's up to you, the fan to make this work.

One of the shows saved was last year's lagger, Veronica Mars.

Here's the good, the bad and the ugly according to Kristin:

Likely to Be Saved: George Lopez, Gilmore Girls, The New Adventures of Old Christine, The O.C., Reba, Scrubs, Smallville, Veronica Mars and The Unit.

On the Fence: According to Jim, Close to Home, Commander in Chief, Conviction, E-Ring, Everwood, The Evidence, Freddie, Girlfriends, Hope & Faith, In Justice, Invasion, Out of Practice, Sons & Daughters, Supernatural, Teachers, The War at Home and What About Brian.

Likely Doomed: All of Us, The Bedford Diaries, Courting Alex, Cuts, Eve, Free Ride, Half & Half, Joey, Less Than Perfect, Living with Fran, The Loop, Love, Inc., Modern Men, One on One, One Tree Hill, Pepper Dennis, Related, Rodney, Surface and Twins.

Here's also Kristin's scoop on the season ending Gilmore Girls:

London Calling: I think Turk said it best in a recent episode of Scrubs, as he was watching the best female duo on the telly: "Mothers and daughters: They speak so fast, but they speak so true." He was watching, of course, our beloved Gilmore Girls. And since these girls are so apt to tell it like it is, and I happened to get on set during the taping of the season finale (pinch me!), naturally, I had to dig for info regarding the possibility of another season--especially given that the show has not been picked up yet and the rumors (which sadly were confirmed this week) that show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino might call it quits.

"I'm pretty sure the show will go on," Alexis Bledel (Rory) told me. "We've been on the WB for a while, and I'm sure they'll just pass us along to the CW." Of course, only time (and our Save One Show poll?) will tell, but I for one am not ready nor willing to say goodbye--if for no other reason than I want to know what happens with Lorelai and Luke and Rory and Logan. Can I get an amen, brothers and sisters?

Since Alexis (Rory) and Matt Czuchry (Logan) were the ones on set that day, I did my best to supersleuth some romantic intel, but what I found wasn't quite so romantic. "In the season finale, we're going to find out that Logan is indeed going to London [to take] a place in the paper there," Czuchry revealed. "[Their relationship] is sort of left up in the air because he's leaving for a whole year," Alexis added. "I mean, Rory's really young, so that's a long separation." Still, let's just say I'd be shocked if Logan is gone for good.

In the season finale, Rory throws a big going-away bash for Logan, and a few musical personages guest star in the same episode: punk band Sonic Youth, 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub (yes, she sings) and a slew of other undiscovered singers who vie for the vacated town-troubadour spot. And you'll be happy to hear that at least one of the candidates is rooting for RoLo. "We just met Logan, and that was exciting," Sonic Youth's vocalist Kim Gordon told me. "He's our favorite of Rory's boyfriends!" And how.

Now, for the deal breaker. Spoilerfix misquoted Ausiello by saying Team Palladino had left but from the sound of things, NOTHING is set in stone. However, if this is a real RIP for the "original" Gilmore Girls team, I would say that it probably would be for the best if they left. If I were WB, I would've been weary giving ASP 2 years of a show when season 6 was really nothing to write home about. I know in my heart that the writing team behind GG would do a better job without ASP's filler eps. And if they do, I think the Ickle Gals would have to make the trip to Hollywood to give this show a proper ending.

What do you say???

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RUDY said...

Oh, no. What about LOST? It's not in your post, and although I'm not watching the second season (because I'm behind a season), I don't want it to end.

As for ASP leaving, the Warner Bros. posted something about a writer behind ASP taking over. I have it on my blog. Now, whether or not I'm praising a wish of ASP leaving...well only time can tell.