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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, There's No Prom For Them To Go

Please tell me you watched VM last night. It was too funny! Who would've thunk that Butters was into Mac? What does the Beave have to say?

I just thought the pairing was funny since the whole premise of last night's episode was dark. Ronnie was questioned (again) by the prosecution, Duncan is being framed for Lilly's murder (again), Kendall is in cahoots with the Fitzpatricks (I saw that coming) and Weevil saves the day of the PCHers and severing his ties with them once and for all (love it).

Now what do we have in store for the next couple of days? Here's Ausiello and Spoilerfix to give you some deets:

Any scoop on Veronica Mars? — Kim

Ausiello: As you may have heard, the prom gets canceled after a bunch of seniors get drunk on a class trip. That prompts Logan to host his own prom. "I can't tell you how pleased I am with all of our 'alterna-prom' material," Rob Thomas says of next week's episode. "I think fans will really enjoy it. My favorite scene may be the elevator ride up to prom, which includes Veronica, Mac, Butters, Corny, Dick and Madison."

04/18 - Enrico Colantoni reveals: I'm guessing [we won't see more of the Alicia/Keith relationship.] There's [a] badass fight I have with Liam Fitzpatrick played by Rob Rowland later on [this season]. This fight is pretty much a one happening thing. You'll see it. It's really quite cool. And then I don't know if he comes back next season or not, because we're already on the last episode. And I know Liam isn't back in the last one. Source: IGN

Oh, before I leave the VM chappie of this post, did you know "Butters" was on Gilmore Girls?

Which is a perfect segue to last night's ep: Lane and Zach tying the knot.

I thought the whole chaos in the Kim home was hilarious. Mama Kim afraid of her mom? Hiding stuff under the boards? Kyuon double dressing like Lane? The sex talk between Lane and Mrs. Kim? Totally worth watching.

Zach liking the traditional Korean wedding outfit totally reminded me of Liz's husband and the whole stocking fetish, however.

I also liked (however embarrassed) for Lorelai when she drunkenly went on and on about Lane being married and that she'd never be married. It was a painful scene. I am glad that there were no cameras on Lor's speech. Chris and Rory should've pulled her off stage sooner. Ugh.

However, how cute that Chris is there, again, to the rescue?

I was watching GG on ABC Family this morning and was watching the ep when Lorelai severs her ties with the Gilmores, including Chris, and Luke not liking it. Somehow, I bregrudgingly admit that the person Lorelai is in her relationship with Luke was cemented in that episode: giving Luke "time" to adjust to things, and that she would be the dedicated girlfriend.

Honey, it doesn't work that way. You should've told Luke what's wrong. Trust me, it's all right.

Lastly, how beaten Logan looked! And he's still graduating? I mean, unless he was like Finn who would probably graduate because he shagged his way to the top at Yale, Logan is in no shape to graduate, finish his final requisites to cross the stage. And Rory running to his side? *Sigh* Someone needs to brain the stupid child for being childish.


ames said...

i totally agree with all your summarizing... lorelai's drunkity-drunk-drunk speech nearly made me cry. and chris--can we love him more? he's so her lobster. i don't care about the luke/lorelai thing. they're so past done, they can't seem to do anything right.

i too was reminded of the tights thing. i commented on my blog that ASP has a weird groom/clothing issue. what is up with that?

and logan! GASP! he looked so--beaten. i don't think he could study or shag anyone or anything. maybe rory is going to read him all his lectures and books? *snorts* her way of showing her love, getting him prepared for his finals come hell or high water? she is the master studier... she has systems. it was weird that she ran from her mother, leaving her in chris' hands and went to logan. not that in a normal world a girl wouldn't leave her mom with her dad and go to her hurt boyfriend... but this is Gilmore world.

I don't know. i can't wait for next week's eppy. this week was that good.

miss you. hope finals are going well. :D


DeAnn said...

So, you like Christopher for Lorelai? I can't remember.

And also, I LOVED VM, of course. And I did predict Kendall awhile back. I think Woody is too obvious and I will be seriously disappointed in almost anyone at this point. Don't they all seem too obvious to be knock-your-socks off? UNLESS it's Echolls again, working with Kendall or someone.

RUDY said...

I had to mute Lor's drunkin' slurr. It was so embarassing that I couldn't watch it, but don't worry because I got it on tape and I'll watch it soon. Of course, I'll have to pause it every sec to release the embarassment, but oh, well. And thank goodness that Logan wasn't in the ep.

Now, VM. I loved this episode. Things were coming and going so fast that I wished I'd have recorded it. And yes, I saw Kendall's relation with the Fitz coming, though I couldn't figure out how or why she would be connected. And she a fugitive. Hmm...definitely thought that, but her being someone altogether was something that I didn't expect. And then there was the Logan part. I loved Logan and Veronica's scene when she asks about Logan's sexual relations with Kendall. LOL! I love to hate Logan and I hate to love him. He's just like Irina on Alias. Great character; he truly is.

Okay, i'm tired of typing. But let me just say that I think that Mayor Woody is up to no good. I'm thinking that maybe he is connected to the Fitz somehow. Man, I can't wait until next week.

DeAnn said...

Oh, also, I didn't think Logan looked all that beaten. I heard it was a serious injury, but I saw him for that brief moment and was like, "WHAT?! Where are the injuries?! All I see is a broken leg or something. No facial scarring?"