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Thursday, April 06, 2006

GG Final Snippets and the Man Formerly Known as Tristin

So, J called my "blogging" funk last night. I am still in a comatose state over skank-pedophile (SP for short). Thanks to Ali, we've gotten to see the bling the twelve year old just got. SP really needs to get a reality check. I am with Kristin V of E!Online here, with she being President of the Sophia Bush Hating CMM club, I think I will be member of said fanclub.

That off my chest....

Here's a little (musical) ray of sunshine for the season ending Gilmore Girls, thanks to E!Online:

SEASON CLOSER: Gilmore Girls wrapping its production season with guest appearances by indie bands including Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Joe Pernice and Sparks.

For the full article, read here.

And this, thanks to Ausiello's weekly news:

24 Star Rejoins Gilmore Girls
Chloe is a traitor! OK, that's not exactly true, but 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub is consorting with the enemy, guest-starring on the May 9 season finale of WB's Gilmore Girls. The actress will play one of several singers who invade Stars Hollow hoping to get discovered after an agent taps the town's troubadour to open for Neil Young. Rajskub — who honed her crooner chops as part of the improv comedy-music group the Girls Guitar Club — called me from the Gilmore set late yesterday to chat about the Girls gig, Chloe's upcoming "romantic challenge" and her plans to take Manhattan this summer.
Ausiello: I just want to point out that I interviewed you back in 2003 when you first started on 24, before Chloe became the superstar she is now.
Rajskub: Thank you. What's funny is the people at the network are always telling me, "Yeah, [Fox] hated you at first." I'm like, "Yeah, I know. That's the story of my life."

Ausiello: I liked you before it was cool to like you.
Rajskub: You should put that in your story.

Ausiello: I will. So this is actually your second appearance on Gilmore Girls.
Rajskub: Yes. I know Amy Sherman Palladino from Veronica's Closet. She helped me get that part, from seeing me do live shows or something.

Ausiello: Last time you played Kirk's girlfriend, right? I barely remember it.
Rajskub: It was really quick. I was kind of sad that they didn't bring me back to actually play [that same role]. Kirk had asked me to be in his short film; it's like a second long.

Ausiello: You're playing a completely different character this time.
Rajskub: Right. I am a…

Ausiello: Troubadour?
Rajskub: Yeah, troubadour. I was trying to think of another word. I was going to say singer/songwriter.

Ausiello: You think I'm too dumb to know what troubadour means.
Rajskub: (Laughs) No! I'm not totally comfortable with the word. I basically walk around and sing to people. I'm a troubadour!

Ausiello: So that's what it means.
Rajskub: I guess a bunch of troubadours come out of the woodwork to try to get discovered. So I get to take a break from 24 and sing a song.

Ausiello: Do you have any lines?
Rajskub: I have, like, two lines. I say, "Hey, I'm trying to sing a song here!"

Ausiello: What's the song?
Rajskub: A song I made up.

Ausiello: Oh, just a song you made up.
Rajskub: Not just a song. The song.

Ausiello: My apologies. What's the title?
Rajskub: "I Drive an '89 Volvo."

Ausiello: You wrote it exclusively for Gilmore Girls?
Rajskub: Yes.

Ausiello: Will you be releasing it as a single?
Rajskub: (Chuckles) Well… as soon as the offers start coming in.

Ausiello: You're under contract with 24. Did that present a problem in doing Gilmore Girls?
Rajskub: Well, it wasn't a matter of the contract, because I'm allowed to [do other stuff]. That's not a big deal. The big deal was trying to get the time blocked out, because we're wrapping up our shooting for the season and so it's a little bit hectic. It was hard to get an entire day blocked off, so I'm very grateful that I was able to come and have a little bit of fun today.

Ausiello: Do you watch Gilmore Girls?
Rajskub: No. I don't know what happened; I just stopped watching TV.

Ausiello: What happened?
Rajskub: I don't know, I just stopped.

Ausiello: In other words, you have no investment in Luke and Lorelai as a couple?
Rajskub: No. I watched it when it first came out and I was really into it. And now that I'm on the set I'm like, "Aww… I can't believe I haven't been keeping up with it." I'll have to buy the DVDs.

I think she saved herself some time by forgetting the whole JavaJunkie crapola...


Christin said...

"skank-pedophile (SP for short)" lmao
Please sign me up for that fanclub too!

And '89 Volvos are pretty (go Sweden!) :D


Christin said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing Joe Pernice on GG. I discovered Pernice Brothers through GG, they had a song in ep 6.02 that I really liked (Saddest Quo), so I wanted to find out more about them. I think they're really good, but I don't think they're well known over here though.


ames said...

Okay, seriously. My FAVORITE part of this whole, sick, twisted thing? It's not that an 18 year old should NEVER have that substantial a piece of jewelry. It's not that he's dissing his EX by rubbing this child in her face. It's not even the not so rumory-rumors that the kid is pregnant... it's that they keep IDing her as Kenzie Dalton, high school senior.

Even if she's 18, legal, blah, blah, she's still in HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

I feel nauseated. And I have go to work and live through our inspection. Today rocks.