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Friday, April 21, 2006

Nail In The Coffin

I guess it's final. Maybe this next season will be better, if not rejuvinated. It has to be. If it turns into another Dawson's Creek (when Williamson left), I will be crushed.

But, look at the brighter side. There's nowhere but up for everyone to look forward to, right?

I know, still a bummer.

Well, now take your mind off the sad news and read this little Veronica Mars commentary. It'll make you think.

But if you can't will yourself away from the disappointment, here's a little ditty by Stephen King about caring less about Katie Couric's transfer to CBS.

1 comment:

RUDY said...

thanks for the EW link. it was a great review that help compact some of my thoughts on the episode. but I hope that EW's predictions on Weevil never...NEVER, NEVER...come true.