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Monday, April 10, 2006

So, What Is Sexual Responsibility?

A look at Bedford Diaries' second episode brings to mind Professor Macklin's question: what is sexual responsibility?

Does it pertain to just 'covering the jimmy'?

Is sexual responsibility 'not playing the field'?

Does sexual responsibility incorporate telling the truth, admitting the truth and being honest with one's self about a sexual history and current state of sexuality?

One of the main events that took place in the episode that I found compelling is the fact that Professor Macklin brought to light another professor's scandal of at least bedding 2 students. Bedford University does not have a policy that restricts such relationships and Professor Macklin agrees that one cannot legislate morality. The fact that the professor did the 'deed' as to give passion a bad name, however, was rather interesting.

Does sexual responsibility, in this case, define the guidelines of f**king or making love?

What do you think?


Camilla said...


Check that out! I put you into it as you are one of my favorite writers! It's up for public, just so you can view it. :)

And I saw that you had seen the Troy&Veronica video. LOL I like Troy. Really. ;) But not V//T. :/

RUDY said...

I missed the second episode on account of VM, but it sounds like it got a little deeper this episode, which is good. Hey, can anyone tell me why the blonde/suicidal girl was on the roof? Was she thinking about that moment when she did jumped, or was she thinking about jumping again? And how was Jess...oops...Richard?