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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Richard Won't Be The Same Again

So, for anyone who hasn't seen this week's Gilmore Girls, please do not read. Spoilers upon spoilers are going to be discussed and I don't want to be accused of ruining the "moment" for you.

With that being said...


First, let's start off with the periphery, Lane and Zach.

I am still trying to scrape my jaw off the ground.

How cool was that? Honestly, I thought when Zach told the guys that he'll take care of Lane (coming back to the band, of course), I thought he was just going to tell her, "Dude, that poster of yours in the music store is not so cool." The fact that he PROPOSED to her in the most Zach way was just perfect! I mean, I didn't see Lane getting engaged in some room filled with flowers (not so Zach and Lane by any stretch of the imagination) so the fact that the whole diner witnessed the event was just perfect. Even Luke trying to correct all of Lane's order mistakes (is that what you call it when you're being served your meal?) and not pointing it out to her just goes to show that Luke's a softie.

Mayhap Luke should get a cue from the lovebirds that he should step the romance notch up a bit with Lorelai, hmm?

And of course, Gil playing and singing "Holler Back Girl". Eep! From "18 and Life" to playing "Jesus Christ Superstar" on Broadway to covering Gwen Stefani songs. Will he ever take himself seriously? I mean, even his new reality TV show on VH1 with Ted Nugent and other has beens in rock is not going to ever make up for the Stefani event.

Next, the Paris/Doyle Incident. Alright. They hyped the living crap out of this ep. So what did I miss? Anyone? Someone? Bueller? Bueller?

Christopher, Lorelai and Gigi making three. WOW. If there was a brat ever created to be the anti-Rory, Gigi is the one. How could someone run amuck like that? Apparently, Christopher's denial of his daughter's misbehavior is just unforgivable, even if it's to make up for Sherry's absence. Lorelai stepping up to the plate only shows one thing: Christopher will always be her true love. Maybe she'll be happy with Luke but her Dawson to her Joey is Christopher. (Okay, stop throwing popcorn at me now!!!)

Lastly, Logan and Rory.

Where do we start?

The part where they're pulling the whole Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey thing?

Let's start with this survey:
1. When do you consider being "broken up"? What are the ground rules for being "broken up" to be applicable?
2. Is it possible to be broken up if both parties have not agreed to the situation?
3. During any cooling off period, are you allowed "booty calls"?
4. What kind of friends does your sibling(s) have if they sleep with you? What kind of friends are they to each other if they sleep around with the same person ESPECIALLY if you're the sibling they slept with? Six degrees of separation, hmm?

So, this episode is actually one of the more realistic episodes in this season. The whole dynamic of Rory feeling let down was really felt. The sentimentality of her, falling for Logan's charm and actually questioning his loyalty (and love) was honest and reasonable. There need not be any lashing out. The fact that she walked out stoic was more heartfelt. The fact that Logan didn't deny the affairs, was manly of him, if not, proving that he certainly doesn't "think" with his head that carries the brain.

If you were in Rory's shoes, would you ever take the cad back?

Questions, questions.

Well, on a side note, here's a little something that was picked up from E!Online. I hope you find it humorous like the other Ickle Girls did. I definitely won't see Richard Gilmore the same way again.


Camilla said...

ITA with Chris being Lor's true love. And here I thought you liked L/L? :/ You're confusing me here hun. LOL

Take care!
~ C

ames said...

hear hear on the Lore/Chris. I am now officially off the JJ and rooting for a Chris/Lorelai reunion by end of season 7. Luke can take his kid and the dog and enter the Witness Protection Program... he'll need it.

HATED Lane/Zach. I thought they were 'ehn' together, and for them to get married, now or ever, not to mention so fast... ugh. Ick. CAn we saw Paul Anka, Madeline Albright, and April? ASP is trying to kill us.

Rory and Logan were broken up. It takes one person to not want to be in the relationship, to answer your question. Once one person calls it off, the one person saying they're still together is called delusional. Restraining orders are often placed on them. But BOTH of them knew they weren't dating. Rory told people they weren't dating. She evaded his efforts to talk again--which seems an odd thing to do if they were just 'taking some time'. It's crap.

What he did, also crap, but for who he is... can she be surprised? No. He's a dumb, rich boy. Who likes sex. And was depressed. And broken up! Did he enjoy it? I'd think not. Should he have told her? No. Should he have taken her to his sister's wedding and let her be near the drunk nit wits he banged? No. ASP, again, is trying to kill us.

I've ranted. But you asked, and those were the things that were stuck in my head...

i gotta sleep :D


jackie said...

Let's start with the fact that I found the Richard link
HI-larry-ous! Grandpa Gilmore backing that ass up.

After watching the eppy, it seems like ASP is setting up for a C/L reunion. I for one am happy. But you know that I love Chris. And he is around for 13 eppys next season. I wouldn't be un-happy if they ended up together. I do like JJ but my heart really lies with C/L.

I"m glad that Logan at least admitted to his transgressions. Was it smart of him to send Rory in there blind....no. Am I surprised that it happened that way? No. Am I glad that Rory stuck to her guns, yeah. At least she isn't a pushover for "I love you." I did happen to think the beginning part in the apartment was adorable. You know where she is helping him get ready. Handing him his stuff, helping put his coat on....they looked like a little ole married couple.

Those are my feelings.


RUDY said...

Yep. In the past two or so episode, Logan and Rory have really seemed like a REAL couple. But it seems on account of the actors than the writing, though the writing sure has got a little better. But even with that said, let me state that I hope Rory sticks to her guns and forklifts his arss out of her life for good.

As for the L&L relationship, what A S-P has got the two going through this season I'm definitely not on the L&L train. I hate April, which makes the L&C train look better and better.

P.S. If you want to read what else I think on this eppie, hop on over to my blog (the follwoing link will direct you to the specific post): http://talkinggg.blogspot.com/2006/03/616-bridesmaid-revisited.html