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Monday, January 30, 2006

Am I Psychic of What?

I know I am a little behind in psoting this but I had to wallow... Just a little bit.

Here's a little ditty I wrote earlier this year:
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A VM Blimp

Latest Kristen scoop is in. With GG still on vacation, we have nothing on that front. However, I was perusing through my gossip mags and I saw a rather scruffy Milo in a suit with lovely Alexis. Nilly's complaint? Alexis needs bangs to cover the noggin. Sadly, I agreed.

Ooh, the character getting written off? Well, he's going to have an extended stay from 6 episodes to 12. It's funny to see someone actually start a "Save Logan" campaign so that he won't be written off. Haha! He's going to be in almost, if not all the 22 episodes! Whoohoo!

Sadly, I think it's going to be Duncan getting the boot. I hate it... HATE IT.

Again, Duncan, you can still play Graham. Hint, hint, ASP.

So, yeah, all those that said it can't be Duncan disappearing into the sunset, well, think again. He just did. AGH!

Yes, I was one of the fewer fans that camped in the Duncan side. I love my Logan but I am still an eternal optimist. So now, VM definitely needs to crank up the heat between Logan and Ronnie. It's been too long, babe. Too long. I mean, even the Weevil action is getting dry! (Although it's nice to see Logan and Weevil work together again... Remember S1 jokes about them being lovers? CLASSIC.)

Right now, I am sad for Lilly and Duncan and V. I just hope that in the land of TV, they would never get caught by the law, Duncan raises Lilly to be less of a whore than her aunt, be as tolerant as Meg but as smart as Ronnie (although she has no genetic contribution to said baby). Me and my TV existence.

Anywhoo... Have any of you seen the previews of next week's GG? INTENSE. It's the first dinner at the Gilmores and honestly, I don't like the way they filmed it. I felt DIZZY watching it. All the characters might as well have had cameras mounted on their forehead and turned the Friday Night Dinner into the next Blair Witch Project. The cameras were zooming, moving and panning and it was (to me) overkill. However, the conversation was classic.

What else... Oh, last Friday's Entertainment Weekly Mag posted the ideal Channel grid of shows on CW (CBS' UPN and WB's merging). I got a kick seeing Arrested Development in it... What was absent? OTH. That to me was a great sign. Not so great? The absence of Everwood. I thought it was pretty interesting that they put GG and VM back to back but I think it would have been better to have Supernatural and VM back to back. Sorta like Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew night only the Hardy Boys are actually cuter and buffer (off tangent... Saw new photo of Jared... OMG, hottie! He has some nicely sculpted guns, that boy. He is not the Dean of GG that I know of). Also, if it's going to be GG's last year, it wouldn't really give VM a chance to grow with the audience. Fixed audience does not equate new audience. SN is still a growing fanbase. We can make this work, peeps! Have Bedford Diaries follow GG. I think it would be a hoot.

Now if I was just Dawn Ostroff...


DeAnn said...

You are amazing and smart. I think I guessed Weevil. But it's been so long ago I can hardly remember. And I was mid-blogging break then so I have no record of it!

Jacks said...

I just wanted to stop in to say "Hey!"


ames said...

i'm still in denial... he can't really be gone, can he? *weeps openly* but that I'm not ready for more logan, like, all logan all the time, but duncan, he's... integral! i would still argue that none of her boys are loseable, but do they listen to me?

no. they don't.

hope life isn't too crazy. i'm enjoying my time on the couch, in complete denial that I have to go to work tomorrow.... :D heh.