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Monday, July 11, 2005

How Fantastic Was Four?

I have to admit, I am not a big Fantastic Four fan. My introduction to them is rather limited to the few comic books my brothers had when we were growing up. If memory serves me right, my brothers aren't big fans of it either. I remember maybe a comic or two compared to the hundreds of Spiderman, X-Men and Spawn comics they collected over the year.

With that being said, I just want to say I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

You can't compare it with Batman Begins. X-Men and X2 were better than this. And if you were going to see this for laughs, I'd recommend Hellboy. It was better scripted than this.

With the exception of Julian McMahon, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis, I thought the movie was more of a renter than a big screen watch.

It's not that I'm dogging the movie. It's as comic book as it comes but I can't buy Jessica Alba as Sue Storm. I thought she was too young for the role. Or is it that I'm getting old that I think she should've been played by someone in the caliber of Famke Jansen? Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards was... okay... I guess.

The plot was a good introductory albeit straying from the origins based on the comic books. Majority of the special effects were tastefully done compared to the likes of Van Helsing and The Scorpion King.

Will I watch this movie again? No. Is it a buyer? No. It might as well join the ranks of Elektra and The Punisher.

If you still want to go watch it, by all means, give your money to Fox. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And BTW, Pickle Me? CM is married. I know, I know, I'm breaking your heart into tiny pieces but I had to tell you. Virtual hugs and ice cream are being sent your way.


ames said...

*sniff, sniff*

breaking my heart, well, at least I have married DG to comfort me with his angsty rock.

Just tell me CM wasn't in Fantastic Four and all is forgiven.

Not a film I'd pay to see. Right up there with aforementioned Hellboy. Ugh.

Batman Begins and X-Men? Hell yeah.

Of course, I'm sitting here watching Legally Blonde for the ga--jillionth time. :)

Pickle Me

ps--besides, I'm married too, but in my dreams? Well, hey, now that's all fair game. No one is married there! LOL

Ickle Me said...

LOL! CM is NOT in FF. I got roped into seeing it. Jaime and Rick wanted to go out for sushi and Nilly and I were invited. They didn't want to see War of the Worlds so I was treated to Chris Evans eye candy.

And you're actually missing out on good sarcastic script by skipping out on Hellboy. :D

I however can't believe you're a Legally Blonde girl! Eep!

Ooh, new rumor... Apparently CMM isn't too happy about the wifey Sophia hanging out with her leading man in the movie she's starring. So one time he confronted Jesse Metcalfe and told him to stay away from the wife.... So can what's good for the gander is not good for the goose?


ames said...

Well, maybe he'd be cool if she got a stripper, but some dude's name she might remember--and perhaps repeat while with her hubby--he's not so big on.

What happened to marriage vows, people? I'm pretty sure strippers weren't mentioned in mine. . .

I mean, doesn't he have the imagination to have REALLY good dreams? It's all I need, as far as other men goes. Just this week, I've seen MC, and last night, a particular pitfall of mine, Chris Phillips from high school. Sigh. I loved that boy. three words:7 hour massage.

another story for another chat.


pickle me

Lindsay said...

I am torn about going to see this movie. I just don't know. I was more into the X-men comic that FF, But I may have to give this one a shot just for Alba. I loved her in Sin City. I can't wait for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, though.

ames said...

Sin City was amazing. I loved that flick.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I'm actually torn over. The original used to scare the bejeezes out of me (the shrinking room? I STILL have nightmares) and as much as I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton...He doesn't look like Johnny Depp. I'm very torn. I do want to see Corpse Bride, though. It looks very Nightmare Before Christmas.


Katherine said...

I wasn't really torn about seeing Fan4, but now that I have your two cents, I'm not going to waste my eight dollars on a crap pile. Why does it cost half of the purchase price to go and see the flick once? I wish that someone could find a way to explain that to me. I guess I'll have to find another movie to get my Ioan fix out of. (The eye candy was the only positive thing about King Arthur.)

I feel all perky at the sound of CMM and SB having trouble in paradise. I don't know why, but maybe, just maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm closing in on winning that pool on how long they're gonna last. I bet under a year. Doesn't look like I'm so crazy!

But seriously, CMM or Jesse Metcalfe? Why can't these decisions ever happen to me? Because I'd totally go for door number three... Threesome! I've been lusting both for pretty much the same time. I was glued to Passions every week, just waiting for JM to grace my screen. He sucked as an actor, but I'd put it on mute and enjoy the yummy shirtless action that always seemed to occur on a daily basis. Why can't there be shirtless studs with washboard abs prancing around the Poconos in someplace other that Rainbow Trails?

I'm torn about Charlie too. I'm waiting to see what everyone else has to say about it before making my decision. I love Johnny, but I'm kinda freaked about this movie. I know that it's not based on WW&tCF, but on the book, which freaked me out as a kid being forced to read it in school. I still don't know how someone can write both Fantastic Mr. Fox and Charlie.


ames said...

I'm sorry, but I see no such dilemma over Jesse McCartney and CMM. I mean, is SB nuts?

I'm now completely pulling for K to win her bet. Not that I think CMM should have been slinking around a strip club, but if hubby did that, I wouldn't run out and have a thing with a co-worker--even if I could go back and be working with Jason or Ethan. I think that's very kind of me. You should see Jason or Ethan. God forbid you put those two together, or I might be in the threesome boat with K...

I maintain that I need to wait to see what is said of C&CF, so I don't have more night terrors. Damn closing in walls...

I need my Johnny to remain a happy place.


ames said...

whoa--need those eyes checked.

I'm back in the threesome boat, right after K gets done with CMM and Jesse Metcalfe... not McCartney. I still say 'ew' to the latter, but YUM to the prior!


Katherine said...

McCartney... EW!

Metcalfe... YUM!

When I read that you had no qualms, I was a little scared for your vision. I though that maybe you were going blind to hot boys or something.

Good to know that you were just mixing up the Jesses. What a releif.

And maybe now you see the appeal of DH. I'm not watching it for Eva Longoria!


ames said...

I'm not watching DH. At all. But I would have to be blind not to have seen JM's mug (and shirtless bod) plastered everywhere lately.

definite yum.


Katherine said...

Confession time... I don't really watch most of DH. Just the parts with the pretty boy in them. Humina humina!


ames said...



the dinkus said...

Where did you catch MC that you're on 7th heaven?

And ick to McCartney... Ick to JM, too. I can't stand Metcalfe. The fact that the whore Eva Longoria is all over him in DH (which I cannot watch...ugh!) is gross.

But honestly, who do you think would win in a slugout? Jesse or Chad? I'd put my money on Jesse.

As for the wedding pool, I gave them 14 months or something wickedly short. I agree with Amy. I think I overlooked the marital clause stating that it's okay for the hubby to hang out with whores and strippers and me, be subjected to man-wars by guys looking like underwear models.

Corpse Bride looked so awesome! The dog looks like Jack's dog in Nightmare. I want to see Wonka. I am psyched. However, I might not be able to watch it when it comes out. Mando fun at Hershey that weekend.

My life sucks right now, doesn't it?

Alright, off to run. Chat later!

Love ya!

ames said...

hershey? I'll be there in spirit. Eat a kiss with caramel for me.

MC was on 7th Heaven, but I didn't catch it. I stopped watching WAY back when. I think they actually are letting fan fic writers (and not talented ones) submit scripts now. I mean, they are in their tenth season or something, right? no more story lines for them. MC was also on Freaks and Geeks, briefly, in "We've Got Spirit". Which I actually realized after I'd owned the box set for months and months.

Yep, Amy's feeling quick tonight.


Katherine said...


MC shirtless pic here, M!

Tickle Me

Katherine said...

Hershey... I love that place. Ride Great Bear for me!


ames said...

hey, shouldn't the shirtless MC pics be for me?

Not that I haven't spent some time with them already, ahem.

All this and I'm trying to get into a Trory mood... Need to get on that.


Katherine said...

You've already seen them, A, M is the only one out of the loop! I felt compelled to let her in on it.
And you already know what he looks like!


da bro said...

Where's your love for Herbie The Robot? Hellz yeah!