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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Your Gilmore guy is Jess. He is a rebellious

intellectual. He loves literature, but hates


Who is your Gilmore guy? {6 Results, Pictures}
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Camilla said...

I feel so d*mn jealous. Why do EVERYBODY get Logan or Jess and NOT me? I got Dean, and all my friends know how much I hate them so they kept telling me how perfect we are for each other. *roll eyes* LOL They're crazy. :P Well you got Jess, I love him. *siigh*

ames said...


why am i not surprised? think i'll get a diff result? since i'm still couch-ridden, let's find out, shall we?



jackie said...

Ha, I saw on Ames that you took this twice. So, did you get Dean the first time and weren't happy with the results?

That makes me smile.


DeAnn said...

I'm going to take the damn thing right now, but Jess SHOULD be mine. I always loved him. I'm actually curious what the six options are: Jess, Dean, Logan, Luke, Kirk (?), Max (?), Digger (?), Rory's awesome naked friend from school, Zach?

Yeah, there should be more than six.

DeAnn said...

So I got Jess, too. Which is what I thought. But I'm also mad because now I don't know who the other five are!

Stupid quizzes frustrating me and making me happy at the same time.

Lindsay said...

There is Dean Logan Jess Luke Max and Kirk It was driving me crazy so I had to figure it out.