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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

First, the good news. FINALLY Maybe Next Time's final chapter had been written. It's being in the process of being betaed by one of my best editors, Amester. I am so glad (and sad) that this story had come to an end. But that just means one thing: new story!

Now for the bad news...

It's not really that bad, I guess. I am just whiny. The year just started out and I am already hating working my weekend shift. I shouldn't since I have the Asian Princess and Genghis to keep me company but still... I just want to watch the telly, read a book or sleep. The sleep part is the one I really miss. Why am I lacking sleep? Because...

I am back in school. Yep, the semester had started and honestly, I am on the fence as of now. The Anthro class I am taking (online of course) is interesting so far. My classmates, thank goodness, I don't see because I definitely believe that 2 of them subsist in the lower echelon of moron.

Strong words, right? Well, let's see... One 'introduced' herself to EACH AND EVERY POSTING. It's not like, "Hi, I am Ixnay Moxey. Call me Ix for short." No, she paraphrased herself 32 TIMES as to who she was, what she was getting a major in and what her homelife's like. I know what she's majoring in: pain in the butt! So guess what this Shop Keeper does when she realizes there's 52 unread postings since the last time she logged in? She had to read and reread who she was the whole time. I was so upset, I asked my teacher if I can block her postings. I was given a resounding NO.

At least I tried, right?

The second MENSA member in the class was this guy who thinks sentences should always start with, "Uhm." Dude, this is an internet course. You don't have to put MAC truck pauses to make us think you do think. Honestly, we all know you've probably been high on pot too many times that the brain doesn't function anymore. Don't kid the other kids in class. Oh, and he said he signed up for the Anthro class because "it sounds cool". However, he admitted that he didn't know what Anthro was and what it was about. Told you he was a MENSA member.

My second class this sem is Geography. I don't know why it has to be part of my Core Classes but what the hey. I'd take basketweaving if it gets me into the university of my choice, right? Well, this is my only class on campus which really isn't bad. Driving 30 minutes to the school twice a week doesn't seem that terrible, right?

Hmm, not really. I got to the class. There's probably about 25 students in the course and we had to wait outside the classroom for about 10-15 minutes because the professor was LATE. Not a good start. I am certain she lives an "alternative lifestyle" based on her clothes and the faux-mullet she wears on her head. I wonder if she's actually wearing a wig or a Davy Crockett hat. I was just too scared to tug. Anyway, she LIVES what she teaches cuz honestly, she smelled "earthy". If you're at least 2 arm lengths away from me and I can smell your eau de naturelle stench, I mean, scent, then you probably need a deodorant or shower... or two! God, I think I struck gold this semester...

All this for something that says BS (or BA) in Education.

Apparently, this hamster is not smart enough to get off the wheel. When will I ever learn?


Lindsay said...

I have the same issues with my online classes, although one guy was seriously funny. I cried from laughing so hard, maybe I'll post his intro on my blog for you to see. The thing taht really irked me was the woman that introduced herself and then went on the complain about not having to take classes with a bunch ot mid twenty soemthings. Hello, I'm a twenty soemthing and since this is a community college it a rural community let's think for a minute we have high school freshman to retirees taking these classes, lets be a little more polite.

Katherine said...

Hehe, BS...

I hear you. My classes start next week, and I am dreading the numbskulls that I'll find, especially in my math class. I have to be in the lower middle rungs of math, because I suck with the subject. Gimme a sentence and I'll diagram it, a timeline, I'll fill in the dates, a molecule...

No, I still wouldn't be able to tell what it was.

Oh, well. Love online classes though, they definately free up the time. It's so nice not to have to drive in to take a class at 8am.


I am so excited, I can't wait to see it all and how it pans out. I've been waiting for this chappy since you bribed me with it! I am so so so so sooooo excited!!!!


ames said...

It is all rather BS, isn't it? Maybe it's me, but I never thought online classes were going to help people learn if they were determined not to...

I feel so bad for holding up MNT! I don't have my access, even enough to get what i have written up and out to anyone to tell me it's crap, but SUTS is being updated, if nothing else when i get back. I shouldn't even joke, if i don't have all my stories ready for update upon my return, heads are going to roll.