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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Truth Shall Set You Free

This is for Amy, who warned us all to stay away from Frey's book. It's not that she's prejudiced about it. It's because basic English rules of writing had been disregarded for the sake of being 'cool'. Sorry, but we already have ee cummings for that.

This is for the person who didn't pick up this book because it was on Oprah's Book Club list. Remember Gap Creek, anyone? HORRENDOUS!

This is for Oprah, who invited Frey back to let him know that he duped an audience that believed in him. God, this woman is something! I salute her for actually admitting her faults and making sure that "truth" should always abide no matter how the fiction sounds too good to not be real.

Oh, and all those that pissed Amy off during the Christmas rush for not having any of the books in stock because they were sold out? Well, no refunds.

Try the group that allowed to buy back the Ashley Simpson CDs. Maybe they'll be able to cut you a deal.

1 comment:

ames said...

hehehehe. Did you see it? K gave me the heads up, and I watched him squirm for a whole hour!