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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Christmas in January and Another Memoriam

First and foremost, guess what met me outside of my front porch yesterday afternoon? 2 packages, stacked on top of each other, with my name on it! It's K and J's Christmas items. I squealed so loud, Nilly and the BIL raced to check up on me and make sure nothing wrong had happened. I was giddy. Since J's package was on top, I had to play her CD first. LOVE IT!!!! God, I can't believe how similar our musical tastes are. Having Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and Death Cab (*sigh*) made me giddy. Thank you. J also gave me some hemp moisturizer and I had to giggle. I also received some hemp lip balm (lime and orange, really yummy) for Christmas. Someone might think I am of the cannabis persuation.

K's package was also a treat. There was the journal, a lovely pair of comfy socks (at least they match and aren't sizes too big), a Christmas ornament and the CD which surprised me. A ton of John Williams work! Good job, lady. Not only that but she also gave me Damien Rice's "O" CD.

Kisses to my girls. Thank you.

Now for the next challenge. Look at the CDs you got from the other Ickle Girls, pick 12 songs from that list and try and match them with your writing and see if they fit. Post them on your blog when you're done.

Second, I know that VM is NEW this Wednesday. If you haven't watched the preview on UPN.com yet, I might suggest you watch it (if you're so willing to take the gamble) or not, to keep your thoughts 'virgin'. However, if you're a spoiler whore like me, check out what 'Spoilerfix has in store for you. Plus, another Weevil/Logan team-up is in the works. They do make a great 'Brokeback Mountain' team, don't you think?

Lastly, I just want to let you all know that Lilly "P" Pod had passed away. Yep, my lovely iPod met an accident and now I have to let her go. She suffered a case of drowning when my water bottle exploded in my bag and left my iPod soaking. I haven't hyperventilated this badly in eons. I had to cry and Nilly said we can always get a new one. I really didn't want a new one. I want "P" back. The only thing that really doesn't work is the screen (the music still plays) but to have it repaired and shipped, it almost costs as much as buying a new one with 10G space. Heck, the screen alone costs as much as a Shuffle!

So, please forgive me if I hadn't been on to chat or write recently. I've just been in mourning.


ames said...

awww! Poor Lilly! I'm so sorry for your loss, I'd go nuts without constant music.

I haven't gotten K's package yet, but I did have J's in time for my trip back to Seattle.

Don't know about your challenge... that would take some work, lady!

I'm gonna try to get on editing your fic today... I've been knocked out all weekend, sick. I'm laying down with a cold washcloth on my head and a kitty on my chest. Do kitties have magical healing powers?


jackie said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your cds. And the Hempz...it is my ab fab favorite. I use it everyday..it smells like something you should eat.

I feel for you, I had to brown bag it when I cracked the LCD monitor of my laptop. I hope you held a service for your p.pod.

Miss you tons.


Katherine said...

Aren't they the comfiest socks in the entire world? I have them in about... twenty different colors. Every time we get them in, I grab em. I wear them all the time, when I'm home. In fact, I'm wearing my pink ones right now. The purple are in the wash, otherwise, I'd wear those. They are my faves. I got us all the purples, so we'd have the same ones. Now, we're sock buddies, as my little cousin Cara put it when I was putting the boxes together while chatting with her big sister on the telephone.

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It's hard to lose stuff. Especially when you love it.

I'm glad you like your cds. I couldn't find my one with his various stuff on it, I think it may have been pilfered by my cousin Dennis, but I can't prove it, and it's back with him at college anyway, so I'm stuck going through withdrawl without moody monday and lonelily. Sigh. I miss my cool jammy versin of Volcano most. That's my favorite song of his, it's number two, I believe. The whole cd rocks more than I can even say, but that's my fave, along with cannonball. Love cannonball.

I'm giddy you enjoyed my cd. I almost had to implement another cd like you did, but in the end, I just whittled it down. I need to learn to do that, instead of just going on, and on, and on, and on...


DeAnn said...

Yay gifts!

Yay VM!

Boo iPod deaths! I would cry!