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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Monday Servings of Kristin

Alrighty folks. Here's the edited version of Kristin V's chat off of E!Online. Of course, it's a cut and paste routine consisting of the staples: Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, Everwood and Supernatural. Enjoy!

From park45: Okay, so I love Veronica Mars and all, but the whole "Meg died tragically offscreen" sucks. Are we never gonna see Alona Tal as Meg ever again?

Don't think so. Believe it or not, I actually ran into her at our neighborhood Starbucks last week, and after a few minutes of each of us trying to figure out how we knew each other, I heard her tell someone, "They killed me off," and it clicked. Anyway, she's a sweet girl and definitely heartbroken to be off the show. She said she's not expecting to be back, though hopes perhaps Meg might be in a flashback.

From bernie: More Veronica Mars scoop?

I guess I can get over my fallen guest role because I've been replaced (not really, but it sounds good to say it) with my fave young comedic actors: Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat, also known as George-Michael and Maeby of Arrested Development. How fantastic is that? They're actually going to play college freshmen (pretty ironic, given that they're only 16 and the older castmembers are playing high schoolers!), and Michael will be giving Veronica a tour of the campus. The Arrested kids are guest starring on Veronica in the sixteenth episode (called "The Rapes of Graff").

From copssister: Things aren't looking so good for Luke and Lorelai, (errr) Lorelai and Luke, huh?

Not so much. I asked Scott Patterson at the WB party if there'd be a wedding this season, and he said: "No idea. I mean, you think you get a grasp on the storylines and then they always surprise you, so there's just no way of knowing that. That's an Amy question, and she'll dodge it better than I will!"

From Marci: Ummm, there was no real Gilmore name in the column...Did I miss it?

Sorry, I forgot. Kim. Alexis Bledel goes by Kim. Milo even calls her that. Bizarre, no?

From bsbearden: Everyone's speculating...Is Lauren Graham preggers?

She kinda sorta looks it, doesn't she?

From gina: When does Bateman's Scrubs episode air?

This Tuesday at 9:30. They had to delay Jason's shooting dates because of the throat surgery he had last November. Actually, Bill Lawrence referred to it as a "health issue," and Zach said, "I'm not going to tell you what the health issue was, but let's just say there was a lot of itching." Zach and Bill launched into a giggle fit, so Sarah Chalke picked up and told me about the episode: "Jason plays this ostrich farmer, which is absolutely hysterical. The writers found out that ostriches are like the fastest animal next to the cheetah and that they can kill someone with their kick, so they were like, 'Okay, guess we have to write that into an episode.' "

From gellow: Supernatural!

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles made a surprise appearance at TCA. They did mention a few upcoming storylines involving the grim reaper and the occult. They also said they're going to meet a guy who not only has psychic abilities like Sam, but shares the experience of losing his mother to a fiery demon of sorts as well. I talked to Jensen at the party, who sort of hinted that the mystery with their dad may be resolved by the end of this season: "We certainly want to [resolve it]. I mean, it comes to the surface in the back nine [episodes], and things are gonna start coming together more. We actually get to interact with our father in the episode that we're filming right now, which is a huge step for us. Now, where that takes us, we're not quite sure, but it's definitely a big step in the right direction, I think. But I honestly don't know. It's all in the hands of [creator] Eric Kripke. He's kind of the god at hand right now. I think it could be very much a faux pas to drag it out season over season over season. I think that these things need to be resolved and these things need to come to the surface, at least within a season, and I think Eric Kripke's on the same page. I think he's very much against that whole [idea of] dragging audiences without their will across many, many seasons. So, I know that he is on the same page about resolving things and moving on to bigger and more interesting problems."


Katherine said...

Yay for spoilers!

I'm so so glad that the SN Powers that Be share the same mentality as RT. To drag out the 'Who killed Mom?' storyline would have been way too draining. I can't wait to see what they come up with next year, since they can't get rid of this yummy duo. Nathan and Lucas on OTH, yes, but not Dean and Sam. I'd be so much sadder without them. It'd be like having just Colin and no Finn. Tuesday wouldn't be Tuesday without the boys. It just wouldn't be.

I am so giddy with excitement over VM returning on Wednesday!!!!! I can't wait. It's my only new show of the week, as I refuse to watch both OTH and that new JLo nightmare, South Beach. Why would they think that this would be a good idea? Because JLo came up with it? I can come up with better stuff than that!!! And they wouldn't have to pay me nearly as much as they pay her. I'm cheap. Well, at least I would be the first year. Then, after my Finn and Colin spinoff got all the attention that it deserved, I'd raise my rates.


jackie said...

Ya know, I would be all for a Colin/Finn spinoff.

Think of the havoc those two could come up with. Ahh to be a fly on that wall.