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Monday, January 16, 2006

One Red Paperclip and Other Musings

I have been fascinated with Kyle MacDonald from the moment I saw his interview in CNN. He is the kind of trader I want to be. From one red paperclip, he had traded up for equipment. His goal is to turn the paperclip into a house. His deadline is in July. Last I've seen the interview, he was trading a beer keg and beer for a snowmobile. Since then, he had acquired a sign and had traded it in for a cube van. Isn't that great? It would be so awesome if he actually gets the house.

Have you guys been to the post office recently? Mail had jumped another 2 cents, making a piece of paper $0.39 to just get from point A to point B. Ridiculous. They say the raise is important to keep people employed and to keep up with the decrease of mail service since email had soared. Hmm, I think that the Postal Service would be used more often if these following guidelines are enforced:

1. Be open on CONVENIENT hours in convenient locations. I won't go to the PO if it's in the bad part of town, without parking and/or is only open on days not ending in "y".

2. Have more windows open. When there's more than 5 people in a line, it is okay to help the person behind the counter. Honestly.


4. Establish a reason to use the post office other than mailing packages. I love receiving packages so make us use you rather than UPS or DHL.

Here's a snapshot of the stamps I recently purchased. Aren't they cute?


Lindsay and I were talking about our virtual class experiences and had posted an entry on her site. Well, here's the second genius of our class. I've taken the name and location to protect his/her identity. I hope you find the postings as painful as I did:

Well hello all!!!!
I hope you all are having as warm a winter as I am so far. Im not really sure what to write here so it's just going to be a bunch of random stuff (if that). Hmmmmm, well I guess this is a good spot to share some personal info. I am actually an escaped lab monkey who was made to be super-smart. Although I still enjoy bananas and flinging poo. "wink wink". Well that was entertaining. I hope you guys can figure out some cooler stuff to write than that, my brain doesnt work as well as it used to. Peace.

Another posting:

Well hello everyone, I've been doing this stuff all day so if I already posted whatever. I hope you all have a good semester and good luck with this online delight.

Like you ___, I have only the vaguest ideas of what Anthropology is about.

Don't you feel like you're more superior (or dumbed down) for just reading that posting?

Lastly, Brad and Angie are pregnant. Chris and Gwynnie are too. Why is everyone following the TomKat trend? Agh!


jackie said...

OMG this girl is a freak. I had one of those annoying, always have to be posting any random thought, person in one of my online classes and its like enough already. someone needs to come dismantle your keyboard.

I do feel soo sorry for you.

You'll have to let me know when you get your package. I hope it arrives in the next few days.

And I'm in love with your stamps. I wants me some George. He is too cute.


DeAnn said...

OK, first, that red paperclip thing is awesome. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Also, I don't go to the post office anymore. I used to think I loved and was addicted to the post office, but then I realized it's just packaging/mailing/organizing that I love. Now I do it from home and ship almost everything via DHL (a company I LOVE!).

I thought you were talking about people you know when you said Brad and Angie and Chris and Gwynnie. Ha!

Katherine said...

I'm in love with those stamps. I wish mine were that cute. The only stamps I have have antique cars on them. Or I have my old standbys with the American Flag on them.

That paper clip thing is amazing. So cool. I have now started to follow it. Personally, I'd take the guy offering the suitcase full o' cheese, but that's just me.

Don't worry about online classes. There are stupid people, but they don't really take too much of the class away. And if they do, tell them off. I'm telling you, just one good humiliation, they stop making dumb comments. It worked for me in my first philo class.