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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No More Conga Lines

Ooh, J had just posted some dirty info on GG's upcoming episode. She is so not liking Logan right now...


And if that's not enough, here's a little something from Ausiello that you might find intriguing...

Question: Any spoilers on what spoilers to expect? — Stacey

Ausiello: In about three weeks, I'm going to have some fantastic Gilmore Girls scoop. Oh, who am I kidding. I can't wait that long. There will be a wedding in March or April, but the bride and groom do not live in Stars Hollow. And one of our favorite Gilmore girls is about to discover that she has a lot in common with Michelle Williams' character in Brokeback Mountain.

What is your guess? Who is your guess?

As a side note:

While I was unlocking my car tonight, I noticed a bumper sticker on the windshield of the car parked in the stall next to mine. (Bumper sticker on the window? My guess is, MENSA member) Guess what's on the sticker... You won't guess in a million years.

Celebrate National Aetheist Day
April 1, 2001

Now I leave you to ponder that thought.


ames said...

WTF? someone's gay? one of our boys is GAY??? I mean, i know logan is a snazzy dresser, but come on!

cause we all know Luke isn't hitting for the same team, unless he's just a really butch woman... all that flannel... hmm.

they are trying to kill us, i'm more than sure of that now. and i checked J's blog, i saw no dirt on logan... what are we talking about here?


Katherine said...

Plus Ames, Luke doesn't go anywhere to meet any gay men. He's either with Lorelai, and while she does know of that club with all the Lizas and stuff, I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't enjoy sharing Luke with another man. And, he's so not gay. He's worn the same baseball hat for six years, and I don't think it's color coordinated with any outfit he'd worn.


Does it really mean that Logan is gay?

Or are they using the Gilmore Girls moniker as a generic term like they do sometimes. Hell, you never know, Doyle is a bit afeminate, and someone told Zach that it was 'rock and roll' he'd do it in a heartbeat. Plus, he's not getting any from Lane anytime soon even if they do get back together, so maybe that tambourine buy was starting to look appealing.

And Richard Gilmore is always a very put together man, all those bow ties...


Emily is a Gilmore Girl!



I dunno Ames, your hubby could be the one too. He was way too giddy about his sister's ring, and he does have an eye for dress sizes...


Jacks said...

I know who's wedding they are talking about...Honor and Josh....i didn't post that part, but it was right before the excerpt about Logan trying to sleep with anything that walked...inorder to forget Rory.

Me Again said...

OHHHh i bet I know who is the Beard.... Paris!

Since Doyle staggers over to Rory while they are both drunk and the sides end there....I bet he confesses that he feels the man love!

I know she isn't a GG, but that is my vote. I always thought Doyle could swing that way.

What do you think.


Katherine said...

I think we may be right, J1!

Because it can't be Luke, he's not the type. A little to... straight.

And Logan, while he could definately be seen to swing that way, with the turtlenecks and all, is way to obvious of a choice.

Richard is out. Because if it's not Luke, and it's not Logan, that leaves one more Gilmore Girl's Man to be the one, and while Richard can wear a bowtie better than any man on any program ever, there has been too many ultra healthy chitchats about his and Emily's sex life.

So, that leaves out all the Gilmore Gilmore girl's men.

I don't think it's Zach. He's not kempt enough to be gay.

My friend Joe, whom I conferred with so as to get an honest opinion of the best gaydar I have ever met, said that he thought it was Doyle too. He said that Paris was wound way too tight for a woman who was supposed to be in a 'live in' situation, where she can get it as much as she wants. Plus, he said that those padded diaper things that they were wearing were a very odd variation of a chastity belt, and that if it was that hard to put on, it must be harder to get off once you've got bruises and such from beating the snot out of your partner.

Plus, Paris is the most macho girl on the show. And if someone were to be a beard, it would stand to reason it wouldn't be the girliest of the girls.

Although it could be like PP, Ames, when everyone thinks one way and then we slam them with the truth...

Perhaps ASP has hacked her way into the brain and is stealing our ideas...


Donut Shop said...

I knew that the wedding was Honor's and Josh's. The girls are hushing about their one-night stands with Logan (since Rory was there) but I would like to say it's Logan because, in BBM Michelle marries Heath (Ledger). Luke is Butch and Richard... well, he is a repressed homosexual.

So, how about Michel? :D

If Doyle or Paris are the ones they're referring to, it's a low blow. Paris is technically a Gilmore despite Lorelai "adopting" her but she isn't a Gilmore.

This spoiler is just too screwy to handle.

Katherine said...

It really is mind bending, isn't it? I mean, the news just broke and we're all going into hyperdrive with all the speculation.