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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Resolution That Had Become a Reality

Can I get at witness? Jason Dohing, Chad Michael Murray and with Amy's help Matt Czuchry.

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Become an online stalker.

Get your resolution here

Anywhoo, I didn't mean to be a drag the beginning of the year. So here's some good news. I got a replacement cell phone! Yeah, I am one of the few people that gets attached to their cell phone. I had one of the old cell phones that didn't even have polyphonic ring tones. I had 'Weapon of Choice' programmed as my ring tone. So loved that cell.

But Nilly complained that he couldn't get me on the phone when needed (which is true) and that my battery dies almost instantly after making a call (also true). So, as a New Year's present, the Nillster and I headed to T-Mobile to get me a new mobile.

I love it.

It's free after reupping our contract (which we never had problems with them) so we picked out my new white cell phone which plays Marilyn Manson's 'Sweet Dreams' and of course, for the hubby it rings Marcy Playground's 'Sex and Candy'.

Now try hearing that while being in class. It would be so wicked...


DeAnn said...

A) I also need a new cell phone, but am too lazy to go to Cingular to get one.

2) Do you really need to resolve to be an online stalker? Aren't you already?! ;)

3) But Chad Michael Murray?! Why?!

(I don't know who Matt Czuchry is, although I feel like I should.)

jackie said...

OH my gooodnesss! How do people not know the hottness that is Matt.....aka Logan the beautiful?