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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Year, Another Milestone

Yep, the moment had passed. I've gotten another year older... I still don't know if I'm wiser but I'll let y'all know if the smart stick actually hits me.

This year's arrival was a lot smoother than last year's. This time, I didn't mope. I actually welcomed it. Anyone who said that once you're over the age of 25 you'd want to stop counting. My friends, I am way over the quarter life crisis and I am just glad that my clock is still ticking.

So, what did this Shop Owner do for the big celebration?

Nilly and I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum.


We're total nerds in this category. With the Wyeth exhibit coming to town, we decided to put down a couple of dollars for a yearly membership to the arts. That, and the opportunity to pull a Rocky (you know, running up the steps that's facing Ben Franklin Parkway?) when Nilly and I don't have aching joints. Would've loved it if we got to see the Dali exhibit but again, I won't lament what had been missed.

I can honestly admit that I am skipping the exhibit at the Franklin Institute. It's entitled "Body Works". It's actually an interesting exhibit but it definitely isn't for the weak at heart. With corpses lying around and the faint scent of formaldehyde, the stuff emanates death, if you know what I mean. Not my idea of fun.

Anyway, I just got sidetracked there for a second...

Rocky... Yeah. I was so hoping to get a chance to see Milo Ventimiglia. Of course, I don't but Nilly said that the reason I didn't mind walking the cold and windy streets of Philly is because there might be a slim chance I can bump into Jess. Sadly, no such luck. But hey, I tried, right?

The Ickle Gals were so sweet to send me lovely e-cards and greetings. Camilla was sweet enough to record me a birthday message. Love ya, lady! And ooh, my friend, Albertina, sent me the cutest card and greeting. I miss my hometown girls. Getting a message from her and Jardin made me wish they were around physically.

The PILs also got me some liquid assets to get me new running stuff. I told you I was an oddity. Instead of asking for jewelry or pretty stuff, I ask for torture equipment. Now, I will be styling at the gym.

The parents also were nice to give me a call, a lovely card telling me I'm still their baby. My brother? Sent me a book I've been wanting forever for, some Filipino music to jam to and a necklace he got for me when he went to visit the motherland.

All's good. Can't ask for more.

I hope everyone would have as much love and friendship around them when they reach a milestone. It's worth the investment.


Camilla said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! :D And that you enjoyed my birthday video. *hugs*

Love ya!
~ C

Katherine said...

You should be getting my Bday stuff sometime in the next few days. Hopefully. You know how much stock I put in the US Postal Service. However, I'm not schlepping my ass fifteen miles to the FedEx place when the Post office is right there, less than a mile away from my home. And on my way to work. And on my way to school. And on my way to half my friends houses, and on my way to... just about everything.