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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Defending the Coupling

Thanks to Kristin and Ausiello, we've gotten some info in regards to the GG debacle:

Question: OMG! Please... tell me more about Lorelai taking Christopher as a date to Zach and Lane's wedding on Gilmore Girls! — Taylor

Ausiello: It's not as bad as it sounds. Chris was actually her third choice. Her first, Luke, was on that bonding retreat with April and therefore unavailable. And her second, Michel, had tickets to see Celine Dion. Only after Mrs. Kim demanded that she show up with a date did Lorelai ask Christopher. That should make you feel a little better, right?

So there's the explanation. Who's buying it? Again, it's only me and like 5 other people that are rooting for a Chris/Lorelai pairing. The Luke/April thing is getting old. Okay, so I do understand that it's overwhelming to find out that you have a 12 year-old daughter but you can't put your life (or the people around you) on hold because you can't cope. So much for the LL wedding.

BTW, there's a show that is on the brink of being cancelled/not part of CW. I won't mention what show it is, but DON'T SIGN THE PETITION!!! I'll give you a clue: for a whole season, nobody played basketball despite the fact that it circled around basketball.

Hope y'all have a great day. VM's on tonight. DON'T FORGET!!!


ames said...

ok, here's what i don't get. Mrs. Kim is making Lorelai bring a date? She never made her bring a date to Thanksgiving, ever. She knows that Luke and Lorelai are engaged--and if she's so into propriety, then shouldn't she be okay with the fact that the man in Lorelai's life was unable to make it (as dumb and contrived as ASP is making this)?

I mean, come on.

I keep ranting on here. But how tired of this are we all, really? She should just pick a direction and stick with it. Cause I've read bad fan fic that made more sense than this stuff...


jackie said...

hehe, bad fan fic.


RUDY said...

Hi, I'm new to the posting and thought that I'd type a word or two about the Luke/April thing. It bugs me that they went this direction. Luke has a kid. Luke...has...a...kid. Yep. Still sounds werid to me. What were they thinking when they decided on this. Seems to join the botch plot from season five.

P.S. I consider the botch plot of season five to be the Rory/Dean affair.

ames said...

yep, it still sounds weird to me, too. ASP didn't even jump the shark here--she obliterated the shark.

as far as i'm concerned, we need to do as our lovely Donut Shoppe owner did and start our deletions and rewrites in season 4. Maybe a couple of season 4 eppies can stay, but we'll worry about that later. First things first--we need to pack up April and the dog and send them packing to Abudobi... when in doubt, do as Garfield did. :D


RUDY said...

Not the dog. I love the dog. But I could just be missing the old Rory and Lor relations from season one and replacing it with the dog and Lor relationship.

DeAnn said...

I'm mad about the way Luke's acting, too, but I don't blame him. I blame Team Palladino. He better introduce April and Lorelai to each other soon or ... well, I don't know what I'll do. I have very little power.

RUDY said...

I know. What's the deal with Luke separating the two? Doesn't he know that if Lor is to be his wife, then Lor is to have some dealings with his kid (yep still werid). I bet the fact that Lor and April haven't meet will somehow push what's to come with the L&L relationship.