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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Chasing Veronica

Veronica Mars' new episode 'The Rapes of Graff' will be shown this Tuesday. TUESDAY. UPN says that the time change was supposed to 'help' its audience get used to the show being on Tuesdays, AGAIN, right after Gilmore Girls.

Excuse me?

It's not that I am glad that the show will be following GG, which is what is planned once UPN and WB merge, but hello, has anyone told UPN that GG and VM at this point AREN'T in the same Channel. YET.

The change will make it easier for me to tape and watch GG and VM back to back and tape Bedford Diaries on Wednesdays. However, how far is this bait-and-switch going to go? TV strategists should realize that people are not going to take their crap anymore. TiVo and DVR are getting into households and are here to stay. Maybe they should take a cue and realize that with the plethora of TV channels out there, competition for our attention is important.

Get a clue.

Anyway, here's what you can expect from the next episodes of Veronica Mars:

Episode 2.17: Plan B
Airdate: April 5, 2006

03/23 - Weevil believes that Thumper killed Felix and he asks Veronica to help him prove it; Logan wins an essay contest and gets to intern for a week with Mayor Woody Goodman; Keith examines a video that was taken, apparently by a stalker, inside of Woody's house; Wallace goes to the schoo's Sadie Hawkins dance with Jane; Mac asks Veronica for advice on how to improve her less-than-romantic relationship with Beaver. Source: TV Guide Online

Episode 2.18: I Am God
Airdate: April 11, 2006

03/23 - A restless Veronica is plagued by dreams in which the students killed in the bus crash confront her. Meanwhile, Logan and Weevil are paired together for a physics project that neither is enthusiastic about, until they discover that their success might help Veronica receive a scholarship. Later, when a large number of students are diagnosed with a medical ailment that gives them the right to postpone school tests and projects, a concerned principal Clemmons hires Keith to investigate the validity of the disorder. Source: UPN

pisode 2.22: Not Pictured (Season finale)
Airdate: May 2006

03/24 - Veronica tries to cheer Wallace up as he is not in a good mood due to Jackie leaving. We see Jackie in her new element... Vinnie and Keith talk about the bounty put on a man and consider teaming up to work on this case. Veronica keeps analyzing evidence from the bus crash case. Kendall meets a lawyer about Phoenix Land Trust. Beaver and Mac also appear. Source: SpoilerFix.com

For those that are afraid that Troy will get between V and Logan? Fear not. Rob Thomas said that Troy is not returning as Veronica's love interest.

Remedial Classes: for those who aren't are still trying up to speed with the importance of this upcoming episode, here's the tutorial as to whom Troy Vandergraff is and what he means to Neptune.

Oh, and yes, we'll get to see our favorite high school sleuth graduate... Maybe in a prom, too. Hmm, when?


ames said...

head to my blog and learn how to get around our issues with ff.net.


jackie said...

I love me some T-roy! I finally saw last weeks eppy. Can't wait to watch the new and improved Tuesday.

DeAnn said...

I thought the time change wasn't until April 11. Am I confused, or are you?! ;)