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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Musings

Are you all calm and collected now you've seen Ed Hermann's wonderful (or odd) photo? Good, I am not reposting it. I am glad y'all got a good giggle out from it.

Well, today, I will post 2 things. The first, of course, is from Kristin's E!Online weekly report on Gilmore Girls. Here it is in its edited form:

A Gilmore's Best Friend: He has sold more than 51 million records, and he wrote Frank Sinatra's "My Way" and the Tonight Show's theme song. So, is it wrong that when I hear the name Paul Anka, I immediately think of Lorelai Gilmore's dog?

Apparently, I'm not the only one. "I got a lot of calls when I was on tour," Mr. Anka says on the set of Gilmore Girls. "Everywhere I'd [go], the younger demographic [would yell], 'How's the dog?!' so every week I would kinda peek in and check out [the show]. It's cool." So cool Anka (the human one) couldn't resist working with his canine counterpart on an upcoming episode of Gilmore Girls. "I have a dream that Paul Anka and Paul Anka meet," explains Lauren Graham. "It's very surreal," Especially when he sits on Babette's (Sally Struthers') lap.

Lauren insists there's no underlying meaning to Lorelai's dream. It's just an excuse to get her idol into a scene, and she defends her mutt's moniker. "Lorelai loves Paul Anka. Like, why is Jennifer Garner's dog named Martha Stewart? It's your opportunity to pay homage to people you're a fan of."

Thankfully, Paul Anka's first encounter with the canine Paul Anka went well. "I met little Sparky today. It was a very warm moment. He started to lift his leg, and the drama was deep, but I just kinda went with it."

Here's the second. Ausiello is all over this show, Heroes, which would probably be the next show I'd be taping once Bedford Diaries is retired off the WB. Here's a truanced editorial (by Ausiello no less) from his weekly column:

Is Heroes the Next Lost?

... I just finished reading a first draft of the script for Heroes, NBC's fall pilot about everyday folks blessed with superpowers, and, well, to answer the question I posed in the title, yes, I believe a new Lost-like phenomenon is about to be born. And here's why:

THE CAST ROCKS: In addition to one of my FFPOTP Greg Grunberg, the ensemble boasts Gilmore guy Milo Ventimiglia and teenage wunderkind Hayden Panettiere. The show's behind-the-scenes pedigree is equally as impressive. Dave Semel, whose credits include directing the American Dreams pilot, has just signed on to helm the Heroes pilot. And while I may not deem Crossing Jordan FauxVo-worthy, I'm suddenly a big fan of its (and Heroes') creator, Tim Kring.

I'M ALREADY OBSESSED WITH THE CHARACTERS: Just as Lost isn't really a show about a haunted island, Heroes isn't a show about crusaders, caped or otherwise. It's about people — albeit ones with extraordinary quirks. "I kind of want to stay away from the superhero aspect," says Kring. "It's about very ordinary people all over the world who literally discover that they have special powers, and it's their dealing with that." The superheroes, er, ordinary people include a 30-year-old male nurse who believes he can fly — and, unlike R. Kelly, really can; a 28-year-old junkie who has the ability to paint images of the future; a 33-year-old Las Vegas showgirl who can do incredible things with mirrors; a 24-year-old Japanese comic-book geek who literally makes time stand still; a 31-year-old inmate who can transport himself through walls (eat your heart out, Michael Scofield); and a 17-year-old cheerleader who defies death at every turn (think of Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, only with blonde hair and big pom-poms).

I CAN RELATE: You didn't hear? I, too, was born with unnatural abilities. All kidding aside (wink, wink), as Kring points out, "It's pretty grounded in reality. Part of what makes it really feel very real is that these people's lives should mirror your own; you should be able to see your ordinary life reflected on screen."

IT'S ALL ONE BIG PUZZLE: And you know the deal with puzzles. "It's a big interconnected saga," says Kring. "They're all drawn together towards a destiny of saving the world." And not to OD on the Lost parallels, but Kring adds, "It's extremely serialized."

IT'S SCARY: What would an extremely serialized show about superheroes, er, ordinary people (I have to stop doing that!) be without a creepy antagonist? Heroes' big baddie is described as a "Max Von Sydow-type" whose trademark accessory is a pair of horned rimmed glasses. And although his intentions aren't made crystal clear in the pilot, one thing is certain: He wants to get his hands on some of that super DNA.

ONCE AGAIN, IT SENT A SHIVER DOWN MY SPINE: "It" being the final scene. Provided Kring doesn't tinker too much with the script — I can't stress enough that I read an early draft — the climactic sequence, as inevitable as it may seem, will make you stand up and shout, "It's my new Lost!" And the next words out of your mouth better be: "Ausiello was right!"


Anyone who would have a preliminary draft or clip of the show, share!!! It's my birthday anyway and I love presents! :D

Have a great day.


Camilla said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie!! Aww, I hope you'll have the greatest day. *kisses*

jackie said...

Happy! Happy Birthday!

I miss you lots. We need to get together some time....some Ickle time.

Let me know what you wuold like for your birthday.

Love ya

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday M!!!!!!!!!


ames said...

Happy B-day!!!!

I sent a little something-something your way today... the promised 2-3 days, but you know the Pony Express...

Hope you have a GREAT b-day!


Anonymous said...

What is the Trory Build A Fic? I see it there but I never see anything new with it? Are people writing fics for it or are you looking for fics, or is it just a small group of people?