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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Scoop Monday

Hello, dearies. Apparently, I have to make a public announcement before starting. Before you set your TiVo/DVR/VCR this week, let me let y'all know that UPN's schedule for Veronica Mars is as follows: Reruns (until 11 April) will be shown on Tuesdays. Afterwards, I think it's doing a switcheroo. So, if you want to see Rapes of Graff this Wednesday, tape the show on Wednesday. It will be reran Tuesday next week. Now, if you're stuck with a VCR and can only tape one show, I'd say tape Bedford Diaries Wednesday and watch VM live. How does that sound?

On to further topics of discussion...

I have a strong feeling that this rumor posted on Kristin's E!Online boards is the pedophile I've just blogged about a couple of days ago. What do you think? Bueller? Bueller??? Post your guesses.

Okay, I've postponed the inevitable. Scoops from E!Online's chat tonight. Thanks, Kristin!!!

From benji: Thanks for the info about the Prison Break number in this week's column! Now, can I have Wenty's real digits?

Sweetie, I keep that for my own booty calls, sorry. For those who missed the info in the column, if you call 312-909-3529, you will get a recorded message from Luca (she lives on the second floor, she lives upstairs from you, yes, I think you've seen her before). You can also email Lincoln at LJ@ign.com. Oh, and I missed it, but earlier in the season, producers also dropped an actual email address used by Lincoln's son, LJ Burrows (Marshall Allman). Send an email to the address LJ@ign.com and you'll get a coded response back.

From Avery: Wait! Hold. On. Did Logan and Hannah actually have sex?

More importantly, someone's dying. Soon. Like, next week.

From rainbofly: Someone is dying? Like, a current character or a newbie? Oh, good lord, the stress!

A current character. Breathe. In. Out. It's going to be okay!

From jeannie: Re: VM Death. Is it a main character?

No. But it is someone integral to this season's second-biggest mystery.

From emily0717: Is it Hannah who will die?


From Amy: I just started watching Veronica Mars. Is Duncan ever coming back?

There are no plans that I know of.

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Christin said...

Omg, that rumour makes me sick to my stomach. :shudder:

I'm just glad I never think of CMM when I read Trorys.