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Friday, March 17, 2006

Gasping for Some Sense

So how could a baddie like Aaron Echolls think that he can pull an OJ? Huh? I mean, the concept is great and all but geez, Aaron, give Troy Vadergraff the attention next season! (Okay, so I am biased. Lilly's case is closed. I don't want to see Logan and V go at it again. It's getting a little frustrating.)

All kidding aside, part of me wants this season to play out like a marathon. I want them to tell me who did the kids in on that bus crash. I want Hannah's dad to go to prison. I want the Fitzpatricks brought down. I want Weevil to be on my screen again. I want Logan and V together before Troy makes his return. Oh well. I know I cannot WILL them to do so but at least here's a preview of next week's dealings.

Borrowing the TV Goddess' analysis (or red herring, whichever you choose to argue) Scooby ability of deduction, why would someone like V overlook Jackie's statement? Comments, anyone?

On a personal note, I just wanted to say thanks to all those who have supported my friend, Vu, in all his artworks and whatnot. Sadly, my Asian Princess has finally left our little Podunk Town for something better and more scenic. Nope, not New York (although he should have! He had a great show at the Tribeca selling 98% of his collection) but for another Podunk Town 2 hours away from us. Vu, Sweetie, the Genghis and I miss you. The workplace needs you. Even Stalker Guy and Army Boy and Butt Picker don't seem as interesting without you around to give a commentary. You better make sure you're making an appearance at my pool party. I need at least someone who'd like to get brown with me and wouldn't burn to a crisp like my Nilly.

That's it for now. Have a great Friday.


Camilla said...

If you tried to comment on my LJ, you have to friend me first, if you tell me your username, I can friend you and you just friend me back!

I want my LoVe back together!

ames said...

sigh. M, if not for you, I'd be too lazy to look this stuff up. *kisses* Can't believe UPN pooped out on me. Wait, I believe it, I'm just... grrr.

It's FRIDAY!!!! Oh, thank the lord. I'd die if not. This week bit, didn't it?

Hope you get happy writing time. Hope I get happy time, period. :D



RUDY said...

Yep, the showrunners over at VM are definitely dragging out the mystery. However, I say that they are well on their way to setting V up with Logan. Duncan's out of the way (Thank God), and all that's left is to get Logan's name cleared for sure!

Anyway, as I watched Wednesday's eppie, I had a feeling that Logan was using Hannah to get to her dad. It's just such a Logan thing to do. This episode was definietly a plus. Keep them coming VM.

jackie said...

I would comment, but I am sad.

It is a dark dark night. I think there will be a dark cloud haning over me.....

KU is no more.