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Friday, March 10, 2006

Another Television "Why Not"?

It is pretty sad when I watch this Veronica Mars trailer just to get a VM fix that isn't a rerun. This month so far had been LONG without it.

Plus, the month being a full-time rerun for GG doesn't help either.

So, here I am, scouring the boards once more for stuff related to my shows that I consider relevant.

First off, here are a few things I passed on to K and A earlier this week. The source of course is the Ask Ausiello boards:

Question: We will send you a one-of-a-kind Smurf if you give us a very good piece of scoop on Gilmore Girls! — Mollie and Sarah

Ausiello: The spring wedding AS-P has been hinting at all year long is definitely Lane and Zach's. But that's not the Smurf-worthy scoop, this is: Lorelai will be bringing Christopher as her date. Please mail the Smurf to TV Guide's New York headquarters c/o me. (Hey, you didn't say it had to be happy scoop. You just said it had to be good. There's a big difference.)

Question: Your spoiler last week about Lorelai and Luke taking a "turn for the worse" is causing some major mental breakdowns in the Gilmore Girls world. Really. It's like everyone's channeling Mimi. How worried should we be? — Rebecca

Ausiello: Depends. Does the thought of Lorelai attending Lane and Zach's wedding with Christopher scare you?

Question: Did Milo Ventimiglia make any comments about Jess' return? — Sam

Ausiello: Did he ever. Milo spoke to my Entertainment News successor Matt Webb Mitovich last week about Bedford Diaries and I forwarded him a few GG questions, including the loaded, "Who's better for Rory: Logan or Jess?" This was his answer: "I really used to like Logan, but he's been kind of an a--hole. I think it has to be Jess or somebody else." Here are some other bon mots from the interview:

How did his April 11 return come about?

"It fit with my schedule. They asked if I wanted to come back, I said sure. I had two days to pop out an episode. It's always fun to go back and see the crowd."

What's the purpose of Jess' return?

"Does Jess ever really serve plot points? I think he did a little last time [when he] got Rory thinking about her ex-boyfriend. This was a nice little guest-star thing. I had a nice scene with Scott Patterson, I had a good scene with Rory."
Would he ever go back full-time? "I wouldn't do it. It's not that bad to go back and forth once or twice a year, but I couldn't go back to [being a] regular."

And as Ausiello promised, he did an interview with AS-P. I am cringing right now at her response. Sound off if you responded the same way I did.

Now that's off my chest, E!Online's Kristin was more forgiving. Other than giving us loads of yummies from Grey's Anatomy, she also has a video segment of the Supernatural boys.

Have a great Friday!


jackie said...

Oh God!


DeAnn said...

I am beyond irritated that Lorelai is taking Christopher as her date. It better be a red herring or something. I hate what they're doing with Luke and Lorelai. GRRRR

jackie said...

I'm sorry. I kinda like that they have Lor with Chris. I like the whole JJ ship, but I wouldn't be sad if Lorelai and Chris ended up together.

I know comments like that can lead to a revolt but lets be honest, Luke wasn't even supposed to be her love interest.


Katherine said...

It's not really a question of who you like better, Chris or Luke, for me. It's really a matter of how poorly ASP and Co are treating the LL ship in general. I hate what she's doing to these two people, who have each been through so much, and have found a person to love in this world, and ASP has pulled out a whole bunch of soap opera plots that they've already done on AMC and DOOL (And in some cases better) and it's making me angry.


ames said...

Yeah, ASP really has strayed from the main point here. These women are supposed to be growing and learning--both from each other's triumphs and mistakes. But they shouldn't be regressing, and Lorelai has had her share of screw ups in the relationship department, as has rory. And we can't end season seven with them not having learned a damn thing--not being able to sustain a relationship--breaking up with men at the drop of a hat, over nothing more than general misunderstandings that occur because they don't know enough to TALK to the men that they're dating--and vice versa.

I don't care who they end up with at this rate--if it's no one, and they're just the gilmore girls at end curtain, fine, but she needs to show some growth for the women and a restoration of not only the characters we loved in the beginning, but a respect for them as well.


ps--i ranted, didn't i? it's late :D

RUDY said...
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RUDY said...

You tell 'em sister sufferget!

*I know I misspelled. Error cause of laziness.