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Friday, March 24, 2006

Hello, Shop Elsewhere!!!

Okay, so this really bugs me. What is worse than breaking up? Answer: your former significant other picking up their latest love interest in the same place you work.

Apparently, some people like Chad Michael Murray really don't care. Surely, you're going to be closer with those you work with, but come on! Sophia Bush wasn't that bad, was she?

Wouldn't this chickadee know by now that once a cheater will always be a cheater?

Just food for thought.


ames said...

yeah, i saw that he was dating a 17-year-old, and that it's true... does not surprise me.

to quote my best of best friends... 'pedophile.'

I'm sure SB is just THRILLED to have had her marriage to him annulled. I know I would be.


Katherine said...

I officially no longer swoon for CMM. I think he needs to have his HA title revoked.

I do, however, still swoon for Tristan Dugrey. He is not, and should not be affected negatively by the classless shenienagans of the actor who plays him on TV.


ames said...

amen, sister!


jackie said...

You said it K! I just can't believe it. Why would you start a relationship with not only a co-worker, but a co-worker that just went through a divorce that took place in the public eye? I swear.

RUDY said...

Yep. You sure shouldn't eat where you sleep. LOL!