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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Swift GG Post

Courtesy of Ausiello:

Question: I just heard a rumor that Logan and Rory get married in the season finale of Gilmore Girls. Is this true? — Emmie

Ausiello: I honestly don't know. There's nothing in the second-to-last episode (airing May 2) to set the stage for a wedding, but they are in a very happy place.

Question: Are we going to see Richard and Emily on Gilmore Girls anytime soon? — Sam

Ausiello: They're both in next week's episode. And Emily shows up again on May 2 when she drags Lorelai to a real-estate office to show her a five-bedroom colonial that just came on the market. I wonder what that's all about.

Veronica Mars is slipping guys... Not that UPN helped by holding it back for 6 freaking weeks but please, promote the show. If you haven't watched, please do. TODAY. Download it, rent Season 1. Hijack it from another friend who has it. Get it from the library. Just get the word out. I need something else other than OTH on the CW line up. Ewww. For just saying that, I think I need a shower and a penicillin shot.


Christin said...

Yeah, I find it difficult to watch OTH now. Yuck!
VM is only on season one here, but it is gooood! :)


RUDY said...

I'm current in my season one rerun run through. I can just keep watching it over and over. Season one is just that good. And thanks for the slipping heads up. I'll let all and every one know. This danger has to be stopped.