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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Continuing With the Obsession

Wednesday means SPOILER day!

Since Chad and Sophia stole the last Rob Thomas interview, I am presenting the Ausiello interview FIRST before giving you all the lovely scoopage.

Ally, Prison Break will be on hiatus for three weeks. There still isn't any word WHEN it is going to be post January, when 24 will be back.

Jackie, PB is worth watching. It is very intriguing. If you're into a lot of intrigue and puzzle plots, this is for you. And yes, Wentworth Miller is worth watching. Yummy eye candy.

Anyway, here's Ausiello and Rob Thomas!


Question: How many episodes will Alyson Hannigan be doing this season? I've only heard of one so far. And will we see Aaron Echolls' trial at all? — Shannon

Thomas: It's difficult to work around Alyson's "other" show's schedule, but we've got a great story line for her in Episode 9. So far that's all we have planned.

Question: I love Mac (Tina Majorino). Will she be back on the show this season? Please say yes. — Shannon

Thomas: She will. She has a small appearance in Episode 4, then a larger appearance in Episode 9. And there will be several more after that.

Question: The Season 2 premiere was awesome, but I have a question: Was Logan who Veronica thought was going to be at the door? There's an ongoing debate about this. Some say she acts surprised that it's him, but others say she just acts that way because she can tell something's wrong with him. So which is it? — Carli

Thomas: It's because he's beaten and bloody.

Question: Veronica sounded a mite confused when she said Logan's name as he stood in the shadow. Did she think he was someone else at first? — Jon

Thomas: See above.

Question: How long do we have to watch Veronica and Duncan together? We all want her back with Logan! — Mallissia

Thomas: You don't all want to see that. I read the message boards. But I must say, on a personal level, that I think Veronica and Logan are a lot of fun when they're testy with each other.

Question: Are we going to see Wallace's mom this season? Is there any chance of wedding bells for Keith? — Sharon

Thomas: You are going to see plenty of Mrs. Fennell starting in Episode 2. As for the second part of the question — it wouldn't be any fun if I told you.

Question: What kinds of sparks are going to fly when Alyson's and Charisma's characters confront each other later in the season? — Kevin

Thomas: Great. Multicolored. Kick-ass sparks.

Question: Are you surprised by how fanatical viewers are for this show after just one season? — David

Thomas: Yes. It never ceases to blow me away, though I am a guy who can get obsessive about TV myself. I've probably watched the British version of The Office 20 times. Same with Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, The Sopranos. There was a period when I forced everyone who came to my house to watch The Office pilot. It's heady stuff to know that there are some people who feel similarly about Veronica.

Question: Love the show and I'm in my thirties! I'm wondering if you will please use Kristen's singing abilities again? Last season's rendition of "One Way or Another" was awesome! — Susan

Thomas: Nothing's on the books for her to sing right now, but we wouldn't shy away from it.

Question: I'm 17 and I love your show. Since almost everyone who knows good television says that VM is the new Buffy, are you planning to do a musical some time in the future, like Buffy did in Season 6? Kristen has a good voice, so I hope you do one. — Henry

Thomas: Jason [Dohring], Francis [Capra] and Teddy [Dunn] say they don't sing. Percy [Daggs III] can a bit. I don't think I have enough singers in the cast to do a musical episode. If we were to do one, look for it in Season 6.

Question: Were Duncan and Lilly Kane twins? As Duncan, Logan, and Veronica are now seniors, Lilly's death would have occurred during their sophomore year. Was Lilly also a sophomore? Or is this one of those TV questions nobody is supposed to ask, similar to the way the 90210 kids did their junior year twice? — E.B.

Thomas: Lilly was one year older than Duncan — a grade ahead of Veronica, Logan and Duncan. And, hey, Veronica is going into her senior year right on schedule, and we only plan on having one of them.

Question: Do you already know who is responsible for the bus going over the cliff, or do you have several possibilities so you can make a definite decision later on? — Kari

Thomas: We absolutely know.

Question: Are there any other guys you could see Veronica with, or is it just Duncan/Logan for now? — Lisa

Thomas: Veronica's love life will be tricky and rocky. That's all I'd like to give away at this point.

VERONICA MARS- (Ask Ausiello)

Question: In the 9/21 AA when you pointed out the enigma within the mystery on Veronica Mars, were you talking about Logan telling Veronica "I'm gonna miss you" before she got on the doomed bus? Or were you referring to the intense confab between Woody and Terrence Cook? — Heather

Ausiello: None of the above, Heather. Maybe this was too obvious to be dubbed an "enigma within the mystery," but shouldn't we be focusing on who was supposed to be on that bus as opposed to who actually was? Hmmm....

GILMORE GIRLS (Courtesy of Spoilerfix)

Episode 6.06: Welcome to the Dollhouse 
Airdate: October 18, 2005

10/04 - Richard tries to get information from Logan about Rory's future plans, but Logan mistakenly thinks that Richard is asking when the two of them plan to marry. Lorelai is in favor of Taylor's plan to change all the Stars Hollow street names back to their original historic names, until she learns that the street where the Dragonfly Inn is located was once known by a disgusting name. Rory makes a surprising confession to Logan. Richard finally faces the fact that he should never have let Rory drop out of Yale, and shows up at Lorelai's house to talk things over. Melissa McCarthy, Scott Patterson, Kelly Bishop, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale, Liz Torres and Sean Gunn also star. Source: The WB

Episode 6.08: Twenty-one is the Loneliest Number
Airdate: Fall 2005

10/04 - Luke is upset that Lorelai isn't focusing more on her house. Painters are soon to be ready to paint it but instead of choosing her colors, Lorelai helps others choose colors for their houses or businesses. Two girls ask who are on the soccer team of a school Luke went to ask him to become the sponsor of their team. Source: SpoilerFix.com


Question: So there's a rumor going around that Sarah Drew (Hannah) is leaving Everwood. True, or are the pesky producers just toying with us? — Beth

Ausiello: (SPOILER ALERT) It's true that a forthcoming personal tragedy will get Hannah thinking about bolting Everwood, but I doubt she'll actually follow through on it. She better not follow through on it.

Question: Regarding the big twist you teased about Everwood's Reid, the WB promo monkeys already revealed that Amy's crush was gay in the preview to last week's premiere. — Heidi

Ausiello: (SPOILER ALERT) Who said that was the twist I was referring to? Huh? Who?

I don't know if Ausiello is pulling our leg on this one...

Question: I know it's not your favorite, but any word on how Chad and Sophia's breakup is gonna affect One Tree Hill? — Becca

Ausiello: Let's just say the situation is, um, challenging for all concerned. I dispatched a probe droid to Wilmington, N.C., to capture all awkward moments on tape. We should have that streaming video for you shortly.


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