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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gilmore Girls Chatter

This was posted a couple of days ago on the Kristin Boards:

Guess This: Pissy Polly:

First, I must say, this person is someone I ABSOLUTELY ADORE. But I hear she's quite a handful on set these days with her "GET ME OFF THIS DAMN SHOW ALREADY" 'tude.

Miss Polly, as we'll call her, is talented, beautiful and SHOULD have a fabulous movie and award-show career, so I guess she's more than ready to move on (of course, it doesn't help that she LOATHES one of her main co-stars with every fiber of her being).

Thing is, though, we fans would be DEVASTATED should this particular series go away.

(P.S. It is NOT anyone with my own first name. Tsk, tsk if you even thought that.)


Well, the boards were all a-chatter and the two big guesses were Jennifer Garner and (surprise!) Lauren Graham.

Monday, Kristin was 'confirming' that LG is the Pissy Polly.

Sad, isn't it?

Anyway, Ausiello said the book Jess Mariano wrote is entitled "The Subsect". Hints on what it is about?

Anyone hear any good GG spoilers? I am assuming ASP is reeling in the spoilers out there since most boards I've been to mention the miscommunication between Richard and Logan. What's that all about?


ames said...

The miscommunication I heard was that Richard assumes that Logan wants to marry Rory. . . I'm not sure what they find, other than evidence that they're having sex? Dunno.

LG? OMG. How could she be pissy about that? She signed on for 7 years, and it's only been six! I can see how she doesn't like the current state of hte show--none of us liked the first three eppies,but it's getting better. She needs to hang in there.

Can't wait for Jess. Next month! woot!


Katherine said...

I don't know what she's so pissed about. I mean, it's hard to get a job in Hollywood. IMO, if you get a successful television show, go with it. What would have happened to Friends if Jennifer Aniston had decided to go off and do movies? And more importantly, what would have happened to her? I'm pretty sure I can bet a whole lot of nothing. Hate that LG seems to be looking a gift horse in the mouth. A paying gig, especially one that has such a diehard fanbase and a good critical following.

Plus, if it's an award she wants, she's got a better chance of getting an Emmy right now. I mean, come on. She's amazing on GG. However, can we truly put Bad Santa or The Pacifier in the Oscar pool?


You know what? I'm kind of pissy that she's all pissy. If she didn't want the job, then she shouldn't havs signed on for seven years. Most actors would kill for a job to last seven years. Grrr. And see, I would have thought that it was AB that was more pissy. Heck, I could even see JG wanting to leave to spend more time with Baby Affleck and the Hubby.

I can't wait for Jess to come back too! Maybe he can break Rory from this funk!


Camilla said...

LG wants to leave the show? That totally put me off guard. I didn't expect it actually... like Katherine and Amy, I want Jess to come back soon too! I miss having him on the show. After all, I was first a Lit fan. I guess I still holding hope for a Lit ending at some point, or at least some closure between the two. A lot of us swedish fans do, I've noticed. That's good thing though. Sadly, I think there is more lurkers on FF than anything else. And then all the Trories vanished from the face of earth. Evil! I miss everyone there, including Katherine and Amy. At least you too posted something not long ago. Where did everyone else go? *teary eyed* Anyway, I wanted to say how much I truly REALLY looooooooove the update on MNT. Yay! I wrote you a review before too. I didn't think it could get any better than it already was, but you fooled me again. I really have no idea how you do it, but the chapter was an art of prefection. You really brighten my mood after feeling this bad for over a week. Thank you for that, hun!

Love you..

~ Camilla

ames said...

Well, Cam,I wanted a Lit ending to the show, K just wants to hate MV less. . .

She has plenty of Tristan coming back scenarios, trust me.


Katherine said...

I pretty much have one scenario for Tristan coming back per episode. Sometimes, if I was feeling espcially creative or annoyed with the direction of the show, there are more. A whole lot more in season five than I would have thought originally.

I do want to hate Jess less. He just annoyed the crap out of me from pretty much day one, but it's not really his fault. He was the one who got a full time job, and they got rid of Tristan, and I was really mad with that at the time, and it translated into my dislike for the character. I do want to hate him less, and I want them to get rid of the weirdness factor between Rory and him, but that does NOT mean that under ANY circumstances, do I want him with Rory in the end.

I do, however, love the idea of him causing trouble for Logan and Rory. Yeah, you guys already know how I feel about him, so I won't bore you with that rant again.


Nic said...

Lauren Graham is pissy and wants to leave the show? Why?! That's crazy! But I do understand if she wants to move on. Maybe it's not doing something for her anymore and she wants to try something new and different.

Yay for Jess coming back! Not that I'm a Lit fan, but I'd like Jess to cause trouble between Logan and Rory. I just don't like Logan...that much. In my mind, he's--I quote Cherie Gil--"nothing but a second rate trying hard copycat!"


Camilla said...

Not many Lit fans here, I see. LOL It's ok really.. I do want him to cause some damage between Rory and Logan as well. They seem to have the 'perfect relationship' these days!? I don't why I'm complaining here, but still.. can't wait for the return of Jess.

~ Camilla