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Monday, October 17, 2005

Me And Weddings

'Allo, meine schazee. I hope you all missed me as much as I've missed you all. I've had a really psycho weekend so bear with me before I lay on the Monday spoilers.

First and foremost, I went to a bridal shower this weekend. Despite the long drive (almost 2 hours), I enjoyed myself as much as I could. I love my Jaime. She's one of the cooler peeps I've met since I've gotten to Podunk-ville. Suffice to say, I promised her that I would join her at her shower (since I missed the first one thrown by her matron of honor) no matter where it's held.

Well, this shower was thrown by her Church so imagine my excitement going to it!

The shower was rather creative. Instead of having finger foods, the Church made Italian meals with sayings in Italian to go with it (They are going to Florence for their Honeymoon). When the 'party' started, we played several gamesLater on, Jaime's soon-to-be nieces read a nice poem. It was hilarious in the bizarre kind of way. Let's say I am glad I wasn't the bride being celebrated in this occasion.

It wasn't entirely a snooze fest but I was ready to leave after two hours. Jaime, fortunately, felt the same. So, an hour later, we were back at her fiancee's place watching the UC-ND game. Of course, I was rooting for my Irish who lost to UC on a TD. Minutes before that, Nilly's PSU died a painful death similar to the ND's. Woe was us.

Honestly, for a Saturday I wished I spent at home, I definitely failed at the task miserably.

Sunday almost followed a similar pattern. Not being able to sleep in, Nilly and I headed to B&N before noon to have my usual breakfast of hazelnut grande, skinny with whip and plain toasted bagel with cream cheese. I had to speed-read through my gossip rags (which didn't take long since it's the usual fare of Nick/Jessica break-up and HB/Katie preggy-boom updates). I downed my caffeine quickly so that we could head to the mall for our haircuts. Suffice to say, I am back to being the caramel covered skunk while the hubby decided to go vanilla on the 'do.

An hour later, we were cruising the mall for my wedding outfit.

Yes, I am a procrastinator. I haven't bought my outfit yet!

But it's not from lack of trying. It's from lack of fashion.

I cannot find anything appropriate for the event. I definitely didn't want to go black because it's an afternoon wedding. So, the prom looking outfits were out. My next best is trying to find something with "color". OH. MY. GOD. My choices were skank teen or stinky old grandma outfits.

I mean, whatever happened to couture? Is it because I am in cow-tipping land that I cannot have outfits that at least resemble a vintage Valentino or a dressed up Chanel?

So, I decided I was going to go suit style. After trying to find pants that are size 12-Short (and yes, I found some... which I still have to hem since it's so long) and a nice sparkly camisole top, I decided to end my shopping streak there. I didn't even bother searching for the matching coat top. The one that was "matching" the outfit I bought made me look like a defensive end in a football game.

Again, when did shoulder pads come back to fashion?

Have I not shopped in so long that I am actually behind the (shopping) power curve?

Does that mean I need to stop looking for clothes in Old Navy and American Eagle? (BTW, AE is the clothing sponsor to VM. Remember when they used to dress the Creekers? Miss those days! Goes to show that not everyone can fit in a Hollister top or bottom.)

I so hope that it would be a long time before I get to be part of a wedding. This whole wedding outfit thing stressed me out. Hmm, maybe I should purchase a shawl or something before I give the church something else to talk about other than the couple getting married.

Okay, you've heard my rant for today. Here are the spoilers from KV's site at E!Online:

From Irene: Although I absolutely love snarky Logan-Veronica, will we get to see some good romantic scenes with these two this season?

Fear not, it won't be long before LoVe is on speaking terms and spending time together--less than a month. And it's less than a season before we see some serious sparkage flying once more. But there are some devastating things that must happen first. Just you wait. You're gonna freak.

From anson: Gilmore scoop, please!

Rory turns 21 in a few weeks--whooo! Vegas, baby! Hookers and blow! Or, um, actually, Stars Hollow. Because grandmama is planning a huge party for her. Everyone will be there, including--drumroll, please--Luke and Lorelai, though they still won't be back to normal, but it's coming. (Thank the bejesus for that! I'm beyond over the rift.) Also, Lane and Logan finally meet, and, speaking of Logan, Richard and Emily are going to find out that he and Rory have been knocking penny loafers.

From valerie: I have to know, is Jess returning to Gilmore Girls going to be the end of Rory and Logan?

--Adding on: Jess' book is entitled "The Subsect". Again, anyone have an inkling of what it's about? Fiction? Non? Romance? Farce?

From william: Amy and Ephram, Amy and Ephram, Amy and Ephram!

Amy and Reid, Amy and Reid, Amy and Reid! Sorry to be the bearer of bad chants, but that's the way this puppy is headed. Reid ain't gay, and Ephram, for now, ain't in the running.

Ooh, more advertisement. Visit Ally's page for some Wentworth, Jensen and Chad hot photos. I know I am riveted.


Richard & Safiera said...


Lately I've been hearing brides-to-be complain about their wedding-showers. Now I ask you; did they choose the right maid of honor? I mean, I know mine knows me well enough to be up to date about my current loves and hates. True, they change a lot, but the important stuff remains the same. So I'm not worried a bit about my shower.

Shoulder pads... I Know! I found this really great coat top, but I didn't wear it until my mom safely removed the pads. I can sow and all, but I don't have the finesse to remove those things without damaging the underlay beyond repair. Do you know what's gross too... ruffles!

Shopping for my wedding dress was even worse. At one point mom, May and Andy felt like pulling their hair out. But come on ladies, I only get to do this once (I have every faith in that) and I want the perfect dress, nothing less will do. So, after 11 wedding-houses and about three dozen stressed-out sales-hags I found it. I know people wanted to shoot me, but I don't care, I got the dress I love.

I try to read spoilerfix every week to keep up to date and I read something about Logan driving V somewhere... I yay-ed very loud. Too loud, my colleague rushed in to see if I was okay, but thankfully they're used to my antics.

Gilmore Girls... Rory bugs me, I can't help it. I want to knock some sense into her... with my fists.

You're sweet! Tell me who you want on my blog next and I'll make sure to find some pics of your choice-of-hottie.

Well, got 2 go.


Camilla said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that you can't decide what to wear to the wedding. I've only been to one ONCE so asking me would just be stupid. LOL I had the most boring time on the party after the wedding too, didn't know anybody. But it was cool to actually go to one at all! ;)

You've seen the spoilers of Luke's kid? Or what everybody thinks is it his kid. It's an upcoming ep. That's probably the thing that brings Rory and Lorelai closer together. Everyone is so mad at ASP at the moment, not me though since Chris is coming back (not sure when) and you know that I'm a BB fan! ;)

~ Camilla