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Friday, October 07, 2005

"Poof! You're a Macchiatto!"

That line was so perfect.

A snarkastic (thank you, K) Ronnie tells Jackie to basically jack off where someone actually cares. It's rather endearing that Jackie ended up being Wallace's current flavor, but worse things could happen.

Worse things like Ronnie being asked to solve a 'suicide'. Like feeling bad that kids from the bus died or that Meg was in a coma or that she, in fact, was alive thanks to a Lilly apparition weighed down on V's shoulders.

At this point, I was feeling rather empathetic to our heroine as her current beau just waltzes in and out of the scenes like nothing had happened. I don't think Duncan was being apathetic. I think he just knows that "crap" happens. He's just thankful that V wasn't part of that crap group.

But before venturing on to other Ronnie related incidents, I want to talk about Papa Mars, Keith.

How cool was it that this man, someone who has gotten some fame after writing a book and solving a case goes back to running for public office? Should we thank Deputy Asshole for lighting Keith's fire? Should we thank slimy Woody Guthrie for offering him the job?

Altough I am inclined to agree (with K) that Woody may be the sleeper killer/troublemaker of Season 2, akin to Aaron Echolls, I am witholding judgement. I think Kendall has more motives to get Neptune all riled up, not just because she's shacking up with the LoVe shack but because she is an opportunistic beeyotch. I won't be surprised if she has a connection to the Woody, too.

Anywhoo, where was I? Oh yeah, Ronnie interviewing K. Smith. LOVE IT! Kevin as Dean is so funny, since he played Dante (Clerks) to the T. From the running commentary to the excited gestures, he might as well have called his performance "Clerk 2: Dante the Fatty". It's true though that Kev is on a diet, and had lost 30 pounds. Silent Bob may be Sexy Bob the next time we see him around.

From her interview with the mini-mart clerk, Ronnie realizes that life's too short to just mope around. So what does she do? She shacks up with Duncan for some "cuddle time". This time, no GHB. Just straight up romancing.

Ronnie, I think, wasn't prepared to meet the emotional demands of being physical with someone she loves. Sneaking out, she is met by none other than her former flame, Logan.

And boy, did sparks fly.

Ronnie getting her shoes on in the hallway wasn't the best place to confront her once nemesis-boyfriend. Despite his cutting words, Ronnie still cares for the punk. She's saddened by the fact that he doesn't seem to reciprocate the same feelings.

More melodrama follows.

Of course, our lil Nancy Drew figured out that the bus driver wasn't attempting to commit suicide. He was leaving his family for the girl he fell in love with.

Such tragedy.

It's rather unfortunate, though, that Ronnie's name had somehow gotten to the bus driver's palm and into Sheriff Lamb's short list of suspects.

I think this is going to be what would get Keith back into office.

I hope V gets cleared.

I hope Logan gets to realize what a bitch Mrs. Casablancas is after all this and get things straight with V.

I wish it already was Wednesday and I could watch the next installment to this show.

Tune in next week for another round in the life of Veronica Mars.


ames said...

That was my fave line, too!

Hate Jackie. Wallace can do such much better.

I'm in love with this show. My eternal kisses of gratitude to you and K, for making me tune in.


Richard & Safiera said...

I am crying now! (well, not really, but I could cry). I understood Andy wrong; I can watch the episodes a week later... A WHOLE WEEK (maybe ven longer)! Yikes!

But this made me feel better, I know, weird... but hey, that's me. At least there was some LoVe.

I read on a messagebaord that Weevil is a suspect... I hate that, he could never do that. Crying some more here...

I'm almost done with my WeeVer fic. Couldn't finish it last night, Richard took me out to dinner and a movie. He had been a bit cranky and a petit peu sucky the night before, so he wanted to make up. Sweetheart.

Well, got 2 finish an one-shot.


Richard & Safiera said...

Hey M,

I watched the episode! (picture me doing my happy dance.) Andy felt bad for me and made sure I could watch it this weekend, she is the greatest. I thanked her with a big basket of her favorite chocolate, wine and gummy bears.

Hmm, Jackie... YUK!

I felt bad for V too, the poor girl is always the center of some drama, and this time she didn't even place herself in it.

I know people are coming down on Logan because of his behavior, but that guy is just in a very bad place now. His mom killed herself, his dad was having sex with his girlfriend and then killed her, his sister is a self-centered bitch and the girl he fell in love with went back to her ex... MAN! That's a lot of sh*t for one person to go trough. And to top it off he was jumped by six bikers and was accused of killing one of them... And all of that in a little over a year. Come on people, give the guy a break.

Loved the line: "FYI; If the cuddling is the best part, he isn't doing it right." Funny.
Also, the 'live large' on the condom, good for you, Logan.

As for poppa Keith, I think we should just thank him for being such a stand-up guy. Wish I had a cool daddy like that.

My vote for the sleeper killer/troublemaker goes to Kendall, don't know why.. just a feeling.

I share your hopes, but I'm wishing for next weekend when I can see the new eppi.