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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tiding Over

In my cloud of distraction yesterday, I forgot to post the following information.

Before the weekly rag mags get replaced, go seek Entertainment Weekly's Photo issue released this past weekend. A really awsome Dave Grohl photo is in it. (Hint, hint, Amy).

Also, Inside TV has a two-page story on the CMM/SB break up. For those that were upset with me when I said the Chadster spent a night in Paris, listen up! It's true! He did bang the blonde slut in Australia. Take that, nonbeliever!

In the same mag, there is a two-page layout on a Day in the Set of Veronica Mars. Teddy Dunn was interviewed and apparently, Miss Kristen Bell is his first on-screen kiss. Isn't that cute?

Well, I hope tonight's GG makes up for the last 3 episodes that feel like one long filler ep.

And if GG is a failure, here are a few links that may cheer you up.

The first is a LoVe video by Saliva entitled, "Rest In Pieces".

The first is a snarkastic Lamb/Veronica video set to the tune of, "Close To You".

Have a great Tuesday!

1 comment:

ames said...

i've got it all programmed to tape, right now i'm just in disbelief that i have to go to work today at all. ugh.i'm gonna go work out and take longer in getting ready than i need to.

at least i wrote. and edited your stuff! woot! for MNT getting updated!

total ick on CMM banging paris. he's so out of hte cabana now! we don't need those STDs that she must have accumulated. ew.