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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Do and Don't Rules of Dating

For some odd reason, this disappeared off my page so I am reloading it.

First and foremost, Kristin of E!Online did Hollywood a favor by giving some advice on her weekly column. She touched subjects like Chad and Sophia (DON'T) and Alexis and Milo (DO). She so far encouraged Hollywood relationships like Lauren Graham who's dating Marc Blucas! Now they're a cutie couple if I say so myself.

The second thing that amused me was Britney's Baby Scrapbook. I was laughing so hard, it had to be true. But it's a spoof. But hits close to home. So close, I could see Brit/KevKev respond the same way. (It so sounds like a Daria Skit.)

Lastly,did you catch the latest Olive Garden commerical? It's got Marty! MARTY! I was ecstatic. See how far our Gilmore boys go? I was almost as elated seeing Wayne Wilcox as much as I did see Milo V in the Verizon (was it?) mobile advertisement. Then there's Brandon Roush as Superman. Hmmm.

Alright, I will try and post something more substantial later.

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Camilla said...

Hey, I knew this. LOL Dear lord, I even saw a icon of them but thought that I was misreading things. Lauren and Marc, huh? I guess they make a cute couple. Not as adorable as A/M though, but cute..