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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Excuse Me While I Celebrate

Lights, Camera, Wolverine!
Imagine my surprise when I finally got to see new photos of Logan in X-Men 3. I was definitely thrilled. Although the plot behind this drama-filled movie is not being released, I am waiting, blind-faith and all, for its release this May.

At first, I was upset when IMDB didn't indicate Rogue (Ana Paquin) was in the movie. Then, I found through the IGN site that she was in it! So, rest assured, on my end, that she, her relationship with Bobby (Shawn Ashmore) and Logan are in tact. I am saddened that Pyro isn't in it or that Gambit is not going to be introduced despite the addition of characters like The Beast and Kitty Pride.

Kitty Pride and Iceman

On to other things... Veronica Mars, that is...

Remember my promise not to release any more VM goodness? Well, I lied. Actually, I didn't. I promised not to release anything that isn't press released, so with UPN releasing this information, I know it's quite accurate:

Episode 2.03: Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang
Airdate: October 12, 2005

10/01 - Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas believes that his sexy stepmother Kendall (guest star Charisma Carpenter) is cheating on his father, so he hires Veronica to investigate the situation, but neither are prepared for what they find. While Keith and Alicia (guest star Erica Gimple) vacation in Chicago, Wallace begins to date Jackie, although Veronica isn't a big fan of Wallace's new girlfriend. Later, at Logan's house, Veronica learns something that changes everything she thinks she knows about the town's recent tragedy. Source: UPN


ames said...

i'm loving the VM scoopage. this show hasn't slumped off for it's sophomore status, if anything, it's just getting better!

now if we could just get ASP to take a lesson, we'd be set.



Sabine said...

Hi!! Just wanted to share some happy news... Veronica Mars is showing in the UK!!! starting tomorrow! I'm SO excited even though its only season 1.

Anyway thanks for all these VM and GG updates on your blog, love reading them!


jackie said...

I am in love with the Ashmore twins...

And can I just say that when I was a little kid watching X-Men with my brother during Saturday morning cartoons, I was in love with Gambit and just thought that him and Rogue were the coolest and I was so sad that she could never touch him, really touch him without her protective gloves.

Ahhh memories...at the corner of my mind.....


Richard & Safiera said...


Okay, so… how much of a freak will you think I am after I told you that I watched the entire first season and the first epi of the second season all in one day? I have to get up for work in about 1, 5 hours, but I don’t care. It was more than worth the exhaustion I will fell at work later on.

Okay, Duncan and Veronica are very cute together, no doubt about that. And Logan did do this himself, but… I miss LoVe! I’m sorry, but they were just VERY cute together. Maybe I still have to get used to V&D together. But in the back of my mind and in a corner of my heart I will keep hoping for LoVe to reunite.

So…. Weevil gained weight, huh? I have to admit I thought he was kinda cute in a bad boy, please take me on a ride on your bike-kind of way. But he did give her that ride, I was SO proud of him. And I feel bad that his gang is going behind his back.

And then there is the bus thing. I felt for Duncan, he must have been scared out of his brains when he thought Veronica was on that bus. Just imagine the horror *Brrrrr*!
I don’t feel bad for Amy, I just love the irony that her “plot” to get V into trouble actually saved her from the same horrible death. That’s poetic Justice for ya!

Loved the new scoop, can’t wait. I wonder what V will feel when she finds out Logan is doing the beautiful, mature and well-formed Kendall. I hope she’s jealous.

As for the X-men, I loved Gambit too, just that accent alone… Ooh La La! Glad to see we will be enjoying Shawn again… Yum Yum, Baby.

Well, I’m heading for bed now, I need at least an hour of sleep, right? Or maybe I’ll just watch a movie in bed. Richard won’t wake up, he’ll sleep trough everything. If our house was bombed they would have to carry him outside, still asleep. But not if I wake him or mumble in my sleep or something. He always wakes up when he hears my voice, isn’t that sweet?

Well, got to go now.


Richard & Safiera said...

When I said Amy I meant Meg. It was late, I was tired.... :-)