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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"English As A Second Language"

Megan Crane was in the right frame of mind when she wrote this book. It was hilarious!

Alex Brennan was a character I was able to relate to. Bright but not wise, she was a clueless college grad who didn't know what to do with her English degree other than push papers at a lawfirm. On a dare set by her ex-boyfriend, she found herself getting her Masters in Fairfax Court, England where she befriends Toby, Cristina and Jason who eventually become the people she'd depend upon as the year progresses on.

Although the story felt like 'Reality Bites' (excessive smoking and drinking), there was a sense of belonging a reader can pick up once you've met the characters. Alex, in herself, is trippy. She is unaware of her propensity to ward off people in her life; which was bitterly pointed out to her after a confrontation with fellow American, Suzanne, and a talk with her dad.

There were a lot of snippets that I nodded an "amen" to her own brash outlook in life and the moments of friendship she weaved with her international set of friends. I know that I felt a longing to just call my friends around the world just to tell them I love them.

Take it for what it's worth: a chick lit. There's a ton of foul ups (and not hijinx, thank god!) and teeth gnashing moments reminiscent of college days, deadlines and club outings. There's nothing profound about it except for the little bits of insight one gains after constant failure or acceptance of failure to get closure.

If at any point in your life, you've woken up in a clutch situation of not knowing what you want, where you're headed or if you would ever belong, read this book.

I know it made me giggle a lot since I, in more ways than one, was once Brennan.


jackie said...

I've been batting this idea around, and when I saw your latest post I thought I would get it out there.

When should start a "book club". This wouldn't be a typical book club, where we all get the book and discuss it, but rather. One where we go, "Oh, this book was fab, a must read." and then we stuff it in a large envelope and address it to one of the "girls" and then once that girl finishes it, she send it to the next person, until all 4 of us have read it. No discussion needed unless you want to create a post about it, but literature was shared, laughs were had, and the original owner of the book has their property back.

whadda ya think?

ames said...

aww. i stocked that book today, and I thought of you. . .

and J? I LOVE that idea. ;)

hugs to all,


Donut Shop said...

I think we should do it! There is one girl at work I promised to lend ESL to but I think she'll be stuck reading "Can You Keep A Secret" for a while.

So, who wants first dibs?

Love you all for the hugs and support.


PS. I sign up for Spring term here in a few. Math and Psych... God, when is it going to end? Nilly had to talk me out of taking 3 classes. He said my 3 brain cells will be strained due to the math course. How mean can he get? :D

jackie said...

Yippie! I'm gald that at least you two are wanting to do it. Hope K, gets in on the club.

Right now I'm reading A Million Little Pieces. Have any of you read it before?

Oh, M. I have to say that of all the SK books, my fav was "Can You Keep a Secret?"

jackie said...

Ohh, btw, rumor has it

David Sutcliff has been asked by Gilmore Girls to consider signing a contract for Season 7 that would have him participating as a regular cast member for the show; possibly appearing in every episode.

At the moment, David and his people are considering the offer.

M, you may get your Lor/Chris shipperyness yet.

ames said...

i hope Chris does come back for season 7. i love lor/chris.

i'm reading can you keep a secret right now. i'm so sick of hearing about million little pieces. we cna't keep it in at work, ppl are crazy about getting a copy. none of them know it's a biography, they just know it's been on oprah. evidently they paid no attention as to what it was about. it makes me angry, so i'll digress.

but i heard it is amazing. as a biorgraphy. a very raw biography. one of these days, long after oprah has moved on, i might give it a shot. :D

K? what gives? not up for a book club?