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Friday, November 18, 2005

Y'all Should've Bet Me!

I am elated that you guys thought that my FL trip was a riot. With my bro saying what I wrote was a lot like Jessica Zafra's, I am touched. She is one chick whose askewed view on life is refreshing.

Funny thing about the summary, I didn't even mention Xena, the Warrior Princess! Gosh, she was a laughing riot as it is. Xena, (as Nilly and I call her) was my cousin's Maid of Honor. She is this short chick, no more than 4'10", and wore 3" heels and they are the wrap around the ankle kind! I had to bite my cheek when Nilly asked me when she was going to completely don the dominatrix outfit.

Next, you would think that these girls actually were executives or whatnot. Nope, most of them are either bank tellers or non-management workers. But, you wouldn't know that if you just gave them a cursory glance. This was my first encounter of a group of early to mid-twenties that pretty much rivaled Carrie Bradshaw's closet! Each and every bridesmaid had a Coach, Fendi or Dooney and Burke and a Berkin. BERKIN! I make a decent salary and I can't even see myself buying a hobo from the brands I just mentioned! Let's forget the fact that I am not a purse person but, my God! These women spent more in a bag than what I would pay as mortgage in a month! I won't even go into the shoes. I won't be surprised if one of them had a pair of Blahniks or Choos on. With the height of the heel, I would say Xena and her entourage wore them. Again, how they could afford them is beyond me.

And Nic? Nilly takes the family in stride. He actually thinks it's a game whenever we get faced in situations like this. Luckily, my parents aren't the kind that would gossip (and we usually stay away from the tsimoso and tsismosas around here). There isn't anyone around for them to actually gossip with. He likes Filipino food. He's just amazed at the "grazing" ability Filipinos have on the dining room table. To restate the obvious, Nilly is a saint. He puts up with this crap because he loves me. ;)

Ally, yep, there seems to be no balance between the 'too skinny' comment and 'eat'. My distended belly is definitely not caused by being a malnourished citizen of Ethiopia. It's called 'overeating'. Maybe the mirrors our relatives look at when they try to feed us isn't one and the same...

Thank you again for the kind words. The one day of rest I've gotten today was actually refreshing. However, when I asked for any takers on me actually doing all the things on my list? Someone should've bet against me because I LOST.

Here's what I posted:

... My only day off is tomorrow and I am nowhere inside my humble abode to do any cooking or cleaning. I still have to get up by nine, be at class by 10, see my counselor at school at noon, get some stuff at Costco, go see the doctor about my knee by 3, grocery shop for Thanksgiving, give the 'rents a ring and see how their trip back from FL went, read my (school) books, prepare dinner, clean the house, do laundry... And all that before 9pm! Come on, I am taking bets. You think I will be able to accomplish half of this list tomorrow?

What have I done? Gone to class? Check.

Went to see the counselor? Check. I actually spent too much time with the counselor and three other transfer students who were in the meeting with me. God, things I would do to socialize outside of the workforce!

The Costco and grocery run? Big fat X. Costco's parking lot was so filled I thought the place was being robbed! Then the doctor's appointment ran long (so check on the doctor thing) so I just headed home rather than trek back out to outrun people in the grocery aisles.

Elaborating more on my doctor's visit, Mo (Rocca, that's what I call my FP doc. He looks like him) and I came to the same conclusion: some fluid in the knee, don't know what's causing it. Well, I know what started it, I just want it gone so I can start running again. See, the whole weight retention thing is hard to get rid of if the exercise part is not incorporated.

Why can't I be like the skinny beeyotches that can eat forever and not gain a pound? Why did you give me the big thighs, G-man?

Call the parents? Nope. Will do that when I actually have time, I guess.

Read my school books... Hmm, you think I'd actually do that if there was a new 'Real Simple' magazine out? C'mon, what do you think of me, thinking of you? Hell, no.

Prepared dinner? Double check. I made some slow cooked chili and Cheese and Chicken Ravioli in a bed or Marinara sauce and ground beef, sauteed in garlic. One thing I am good at is preparing a meal. Second best thing I do? Eat. 'Nuff said as to why this was even a no-brainer.

Laundry? Half done. Can't. Do. Laundry. Any. More. I have 3 baskets full of folded clothes and bedsheets. I need to put some away before I use the floor as storage place.

So, all in all, it was a productive day. Didn't get everything done but I am getting there. I might have to push back the final chappie to MNT not because it's not done (well, actually, it is to my standard only 3/4 done. The last stuff I wrote was crap) but because it's not to the standard... yet. Plus, I have an exam the day before Thanksgiving so I think that takes precedence right now.

Jackie, I won't let the man down. And just for you, here's what a banana heart (or blossom, whatever you feel like calling it) looks like:

Happy Friday, everyone!

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