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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The End of An Era and How I Spent Thanksgiving, Part II

Who would've thought that I'd have a Part II?

I know I didn't but I thought it needed the sequel.

Where did I end? Oh yeah. I was able to get in touch with my brother, who happened to be partying with the rest of my cousins in the Pacific North West. It was LOUD. LOUD, I say. The conversation was fun and nice until my cousin, Chris, butted in. Then it became funny. He apparently read all the story challenges I did for Seasonal Passions and he got really disturbed. He read them all but was really disturbed.

Ha! Even Chicken Scratch didn't have the guts to take a peek.

I mean, I'm glad my cousin read it. I don't know if I should be concerned that he said he thought my writing was disturbing or the fact that he said he can't wait to read more.

... Didn't I say I come from a weird circle of people?

Had to work during Black Friday. So we skipped the lunatic malls and stores that day. Instead, the Nillster and I ventured out Saturday. Got a few goodies at the Fossil outlet store, which was nice. We were rather concerned at the amount of people at the outlets! Good grief. It was scary. Then, we decided to go to BOSE. Yeah, wrong move.

Nilly wanted one for Christmas after we originally decided we were going to visit and check out the Wave. Yeah, well, the rest is history.

... And yes, Jackie, Nilly thought at this point, Christmas is in November. We have a date with the new system on Saturday to watch Lord of the Rings. Yeah, there's another weekend gone.

But I guess I can't complain. I am getting my Christmas present this Friday, too.

Like what I told Jackie, some girls lust for jewelry. Some lust for spas and manicures and cute cars with bows on the top of the car.

I am getting my dream washer and dryer.

Yes, I take the glitz and glamour to what Christmas presents are supposed to be. However, if you've ever heard or seen my current washer and dryer, you'll know why I am so giddy to get my new present.

For those worried that I didn't get anything else for the family, I've done some shopping. Not much, but enough. The presents to the Ickle Gals is done, ready to be shipped. I just hope you all have fun with the little package!

Alright, now for the bad news courtesy of Kristin from E!Online:

From logan1060: I read in EW that the creators of Gilmore Girls got another show greenlighted and they may not stay for the next season of GG 'cause the new show films in New York. Is that true? 'Cause that would suck!

'Tis true. It's almost too much to bare to think of GG going, on top of Alias and Arrested, but it is starting to look like this might be the last season of Gilmore Girls. Amy Sherman-Palladino is not on board for next season, and I believe that perhaps some of the someones attached to the show might feel it's time to let it go.

---Remember I told you guys about this a couple of weeks ago. I am bummed especially since we wanted to get the BaF site up. Now, it just seems like it's going to be a little too late if we set the site up. I was wondering though if the WB would give the fans the opportunity to at least script a few shows, if ASP or GG are still in contracts for season 7. BtVS did well when the writers gave the greenlight for fans to write a few scripts for JW to consider. Come on, Lorelai, give us one more year!---

The rest are still from Kristin on E!Online in regards to VM:

From copssister: Tell us, O Wise One, about the alternate ending on Veronica Mars this week.

Gladly! You can see it on AOL.com, right after the episode airs. And on UPN.com the following day, you can see a live streaming interview show with Rob Thomas and me (I'm doing the asking, he's do the answering) at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT. He will talk about the episode, what's ahead and such, so please stop by! There will be a call-in element as well, so you can call in with questions during the show, and you can also send them in ahead of time here: tvdiva@eonline.com.

From crispykid: You have to tell us what was Meg's letter that Duncan read? His dreams were freaking me out!

You will find out in this week's episode--it's part of the big shocker! And it is so crazy, I'm still wondering if they'll go through with it. It also ultimately involves the big spoiler I told you about before this season even started airing.

From laurt56: Thanks for those awesome interviews on the set of VM! Teddy and Jason, your jobs do not suck! Will V. find out soon about Duncan's wandering?

I know. I hate me. And yes. Very soon.

From kkb92: I think you said that the fortune cookie Duncan left for Veronica was important. When are we going to find out what it said?

I know nothing about that, seriously, sorry!

Well, dry your eyes and give me some feedback.


jackie said...

THis sucks!


ames said...

it does suck. i cna't belive she'd leave it like this. she needs that extra year to finish this properly. if she was gonna stop it like this, she should have done so back in season three.


Richard & Safiera said...


Sjeesh! This makes no sense whatsoever!

I'm getting a computer telescope for christmas. Hmm, let's add that to my character describing list;
I'm a tom-boy
A bookworm
A movie and TV nut
According to my friends and family I'm cookoo
And now... you can describe me as a geek.

Yeah, well... I think the universe is interresting... SUE ME!

I think it's very sweet that your hubby goes shopping with you. Mine only wants to do that VERY early in the morning when normal people are still in bed or enjoying their breakfast. He hates crowded stores and when we do go shopping when everybody else is too, he keeps sighing and stuff... Sjeesh!

Funny that your cousin got disturbed when reading your *sexy* fics. My favorite cousin would just yell something really imature like "Ew! Cooties!" Yeah, we're like that.

Well, gotta run (you'd think I'd be skinny by now... no such luck!)



Camilla said...

Huh. I haven't been around much lately, have I? I'm sorry for that, but you seem to be doing very well without me, lol. :) So you had a busy Thanksgiving, I hear? I hope that during this time at least one moment was ok? ;) Since we in Sweden don't have anything like Thanksgiving, I can't compare to anything. LOL Well, ok I didn't post anything important did I. Just wanted to let you know that you haven't been forgotten. Love ya!

~ C