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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Let It Be Rachel!

If you have never seen Evan Rachel Wood, catch the video "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Better yet, rent "Once and Again" (so you could also see how cute her older brother, Eli, was) and Thirteen. She's spectacular.

Here's the scoop on VM. Before throwing popcorn at me, the only GG spoiler out there is that David Sutcliffe (Chris) is getting a meatier role in GG. And YES, I am a Chris fan.


From richieice: Veronica Mars?

Mastermind (genius, friend) Rob Thomas tells me this week's episode is his favorite ever--now how's that for an endorsement? But adds that the network feels the same about next week's episode. So, we'll just have to see who has the better taste! As for this week's ep, Rob says, "The 'A story' is about a set of parents who come into the Mars investigation. Their son died on the bus crash and now somebody's leaving voice-mail messages from their son on their answering machine, and they're finding little toy busses hidden around their house. So, that's the 'A story.' And then Logan continues to get help from Veronica in finding out about this witness who has come forward and said he was the killer on the bridge. And we meet the Fightin' Fitzpatricks finally. And they're fun. Those scenes are fun. And also, Weevil decides it's time to continue pursuing Logan, for his involvement. So, there's a lot of good stuff in that episode."

From sunnyfish: On Veronica Mars, did Duncan sleep with Kendall or not?

I really don't think so. That's not his secret.
-note- I think he did. But then, I still am tickled pink at how Logan insinuated Duncan did in front of V!

From kkb92: Anything about who dies on Veronica Mars and how?

They aren't dying.

From tvjunkie1577: When can we expect some LoVe? Soon I hope!

Let's discuss after next week's episode. There are some developments!

From dubinz: Hey, Kristin, I love you. Can you please give more info on Veronica Mars?

Only because I love you back. According to Rob, Vinnie Van Lowe (the rival detective) is back, and they're hoping for someone like Evan Rachel Wood or Lindsay Lohan! I'll let him explain: "In [episode] nine, Trina Echolls mentions that they're moving forward with The Aaron Echolls Story TV movie, and she claims they're going after Evan Rachel Wood to play Veronica Mars! But what I'm hoping is that we can get some huge piece of stunt casting and have like Evan Rachel Wood or Lindsay Lohan come in and play Veronica.


the bro said...

Evan Rachel Wood was also in Marcos Siega's Pretty Persuasion. This film was supposed to be something like Heathers. The movie went downhill for me after the point where I couldn't find any character to root for in the middle part. It's too bad since it had a promising first act.

jackie said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!