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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

McCrae, McCray or McRae: Dissecting GG and Other Spoilers

So we finally find out Colin's last name. It was just funny to hear that somehow, his family knows the Gilmores, too. Hmm, I surely remember from the first encounters Rory had with Colin, Logan and Finn, they couldn't be bothered with the likes of her. If they were looking out for their kind, they would've somehow gotten her into the folds like the sisters two did in Season 4 who tried giving Rory a nickname.

Second, I am ELATED that FINALLY the mother-daughter duo is back. We missed that. I wasn't doing the "awww" thing. I was doing the "it's about damned time" thing. Ugh. Drama. Sometimes, it's so over done.

Speaking of drama, loved the line when Lorelai told Emily, "You never lost me." I thought that was quite profound.

The whole Chris/Luke answering machine thing? Wow. Too macho for me. Question to ponder: if your significant other hears your ex on the phone, would he/she react as violently? Why? Why not? The whole Wisteria (or is it Listeria? I don't watch DH) line was so appropriate. Too much drama over something so irrelevant.

I know that I am secure enough in my relationship to know that if Nilly reacts badly to a former flame on the phone, I would set him straight. He is the guy in my life now, not the ex (hence the name). Plus, I think I would be totally freaked out. I know NONE of them have my mail. None of them have my email so any way they would get in touch with me will be totally in the stalker realm.

Lastly, the kid. She's cute. Real shocker, too. I just hope it's not just another add-on to make things annoying and quirky. There is already enough quirkiness.

Alright, now that the dissection is done, here are the spoilers!!!



From Estell: What is the trouble ahead for Luke and Lorelai?

In last week's (fake) chat, I told you about that possible recurring role on Gilmore Girls (Anna, 35 to 40 years old, a potential threat to Lorelai). Well, turns out, "rival" Anna is a woman from Luke's past, and she and Luke share something very special that's gonna rock the boat, big time, before the end of this month.

Question: Can you tell me some new Gilmore Girls scoop? — Shira

Ausiello: THIS JUST IN: Sherilyn Fenn has been cast as the mother of Luke's long-lost turtle daughter! (Hooray! I can finally say the D-word!) She's onboard for at least two episodes, the first of which airs Jan. 10. Interesting tidbit: This isn't Fenn's first Gilmore gig. As you'll recall, she played the girlfriend of Jess' dad (Rob Estes) in a Season 3 episode that served as a back-door pilot for that ill-fated Jess-centric GG spin-off. I wonder if anyone in Stars Hollow will remember?

---Note: Isn't it creepy that Jess' dad's girlfriend is now Luke's former flame? And if he was shagging Anna whatsherface for the kid to emerge, where was Rachel?---

Question: I heard a rumor that Amy Sherman-Palladino is leaving Gilmore Girls at end of the season. Please tell us it's not true! — Melissa

Ausiello: AS-P hates talking about her deal with the network. All she would really confirm to me was that she's not contracted for a seventh season — and that much we already knew. I was, however, able to pry out of her the very first details regarding the new WB project she and Dan are developing. "It's going to be more of a modern-day love story with some strange twists put into it," she says of the hourlong series. "It's a couples' story, a romantic story. Let's just say it's going to be very snappy. Very fast-paced. We're finalizing it right now."

---NOTE: So, is it a revived GG? God, I hate same formulas, different characters. Haven't they learned their lesson from 'That 80s Show'?---


From diggity: More VM scoop!

Lisa Rinna's got a busy month coming up. Not only will we see her back on Veronica Mars in January, but word is she's signed on to do Dancing with the Stars, too. I'm hearing that Jessica Simpson's brother-in-law, 98 Degrees' Drew Lachey, is dancing as well.

Question: Can you give me anything on Veronica Mars? — Alex

Ausiello: I hear one of the reasons we won't be seeing Mama Mars this season is because there was some difficulty negotiating a deal with her portrayer, Corinne Bohrer.


Question: Tell me something about Grey's Anatomy! — Megan

Ausiello: Well, as you probably figured out from last Sunday's opening credits, Addison (Kate Burton) is here to stay. Really here to stay. As in series regular here to stay. Personally, I think it's great. The more conflict the better. And let's face it, McDreamy and Meredith are going to get back together eventually. I mean, they're on the current cover of TV Guide for a reason, people. Meanwhile, look for a new female doc to join the staff, at least on a temporary basis. And before the year is out, flesh-eating bacteria will make its long-awaited debut at Seattle Grace.

Happy Wednesday!


ames said...

so. angry. must. smack. ASP.



where is the script girl when you need her?

oh wait, they must have cut that job position. clearly.

and we're keeping langley. cause as K says, grey mccray is just mean.


jackie said...

I agree with you ames. True fans remember! Sometimes she doesn't give us enough credit, ie: this and the whole over done I love you....that we are still waiting for.

Otherwise, great scoopage as always M. And Yea! you put some GA in there. Even though it wsa about adison, who wants to know anything about McDreamy's wife.


Lindsay said...

But what about Logan? And I'm talking GG Logan, I don't get VM here?

As for remembering things, not all fans are as obsessive as most of us. Just, you know, most of us.