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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Long Scoop

I am torn. Really torn. I have read the boards and have major scoopage on all things VM and all things GG.

I guess I will start with VM. I know I promised the Ickles 3 that I would watch Jess' return tonight but I am too pooped to actually concentrate on it. However, I promise to watch it before I head out to school tomorrow. How's that for dedication?

Anyway, here's the scoopage via Kristin and Ausiello. They certainly rock!



Backup: you said there's a huge twist coming up on Veronica Mars. Arf! When? It won't hurt food girl will it? Arf! Arf!

Kristin: It will only hurt food girl (Veronica) emotionally and possibly romantically, but it could hurt someone else FATALLY, depending on which ending they choose... They shot two. Either way, expect to change your shorts.

Percy: Crap! When is that twist?

Kristin: End of November. And it's not you.

Question: Is the big murder mystery this season the bus crash or the murder Logan was accused of? Or both? — Shaba

Rob Thomas: We think of the bus mystery as the big mystery and "Who killed Felix?" as the secondary mystery. Veronica is much more involved in the bus-crash investigation. We wanted a secondary mystery that would play largely on other series regulars — primarily Weevil and Logan.

Question: Will we find out what happened to Veronica's mother after she took the money and left? — Gabriel
Thomas: It's doubtful we'll see Veronica's mother. We might hear about her.

Question: I love Sheriff Lamb. Will we be seeing more of him in future episodes? — Meg
Thomas: Yes. We're even surprised here in the writers' room how much we're using the good sheriff.

Question: Last season, we were shown many flashbacks chronicling Veronica and Duncan's past relationship. Can we look forward to flashbacks highlighting Veronica and Logan's summer together? — Sherry
Thomas: None are in the works, though we never say never. I wouldn't hesitate to use one. Actually, I'm kind of liking that idea. Stay tuned.

Question: Is there any chance of Tina Majorino [aka computer whiz Mac] becoming a series regular in the future? — Pamela
Thomas: I love Tina. I think there's a great chance.

Question: Are some of the loose ends from last season ever going to be worked into this season? Specifically, are we ever going to see what was in that note that Weevil stole from Lily's room? — Penelope
Thomas: I'll answer the question about the note Lilly left Weevil. We had every intention of revealing it last year, but we just ran short of time. It was an obsessive love letter that hinted at potential violence — think of what happens to the unfortunate girl in the trunk in Eminem's "Stan." Weevil knew Veronica was getting close — she told him as much — and Weevil feared that if anyone found that note, he'd be back in hot water.

Question: With Kyle Secor currently playing the First Gentleman on Commander in Chief, will we see Jake Kane at all this season? — Liz
Thomas: We'd love to use Jake, but it's looking unlikely we'll be able to work it out. We are, however, using Kyle Secor's real-life wife, Kari Coleman, in at least two episodes; she'll play a bitterly divorced health teacher.

Question: I seriously love Veronica Mars, but how much longer are we going to be subjected to the (completely devoid of chemistry) Duncan-Veronica relationship? I miss Veronica and Logan! — Daniella

Ausiello: (SPOILER) Before tonight's episode is over, you'll find Veronica back in Logan's arms. But, as with most everything on Mars, there's a twist. And a pretty funny one at that. Also, Joss Whedon proves himself to be quite the nimble thespian. He more than held his own opposite Kristen Bell, and that's no small achievement.

  • podcast Jason Dohring
  • on his role as Logan! Really nifty keen.



    I don't know whether I should get upset or just be wary about this. If these were the words out of ASP's lips, I shall hang my head in shame for wanting to be her girl Friday. I mean, I still wish I could see her at work but man, with inconsistent plot and characters that have lost direction, I just want to say, "Do you think your viewers are that gullible?" Anyway, read on and tell me what you think.

    Question: I love Gilmore Girls and am so happy Luke and Lorelai are finally together. But it drives me crazy that they still haven't said "I love you." — Jennifer

    Ausiello: You Gilmorians have waited a long time for an answer to this question, so here's AS-P's response, raw and uncut.

    MA: Why haven't Luke and Lorelai said "I love you" to each other?
AS-P: To me, they say "I love you" to each other every single day. Everything that they do, the way they care for each other, the way they take care of each other.… "I love you," for me, is a tricky phrase on television because I think it's way overused, as it is in life. I think they constantly button scenes with, "I love you." "I love you, too." "I love you, Mom." "I love you, Butchy." "I love you, Johnny." "I love you, Fluffy." There's just nothing but I love yous and so little goes behind it. And part of what I love about Luke and Lorelai is they don't do that. They just love each other. They just take care of each other. They just support each other. They do everything that you're supposed to do and they don't have to say "I love you" 100,000 times. And when the words finally come out and when we feel like we actually need to write them down, it's probably going to come at a very odd time.

    MA: Do you understand why fans want that moment?
AS-P: You know, the fans really need to just relax. (Laughs) I don't know. I guess maybe. I've always enjoyed certain things, like Buffy. My all-time… my life couldn't exist without it. But the way Angel and Buffy said "I love you" to each other, it was always sort of hidden and buried in the context of something else. It was never about, 'Oh, tonight's the moment when Angel says "I love you!"' You just knew that he loved her and you just knew that she loved him, and to me that was so much more satisfying as a viewer. It's just a thing for me. I enjoy actions speaking louder than words.

    Question: Any details on Luke's long-lost… — Cary

    Ausiello: I've been saving this one for the end because, well, it's sweeps. Here's my exchange with AS-P on the subject of, well….

    MA: Luke's long lost…
AS-P: It's a turtle. Name is Stony. Stony the turtle.

    MA: Did you always plan on playing the, um, turtle card?
AS-P: (Pause) Everything we do is predetermined. We don't do anything spur-of-the-moment. At the end of every year, we take a lot of time to think about where we're pushing ourselves in the following year, 'cause there's nothing scarier than going blind into a year. So, at the end of last year, we really wanted to see a turtle. It was very important for our turtle audience to be represented.

    MA: The turtle news has gotten out and some fans are throwing out the words "jump" and "shark." What would you tell them?
AS-P: I would say it's not jumping the shark, it's jumping the turtle.

    MA: Care to elaborate?
AS-P: No. People just need to watch the show and trust us. We've taken them this far. Have a little faith.
    Listen to her, people. I just finished watching Episode 9 and I've got three words for you: Best. Episode. Ever. (SPOILER) Not only do our girls reunite, but the hour also includes a fantastic Comeback riff, a timely jab at Desperate Housewives and — brace yourselves — a full-on make-out scene between Luke and Lorelai. And not just a few pecks on the cheek. We're talking kisses. Multiple kisses — on the lips. There's also warmth. And passion. And even a little heat. And regarding the long-lost turtle, I defy you to find fault with this story once you watch it play out. Not only is the turtle the greatest acting find of the year, but the way she — I mean, it — is introduced is nothing short of genius. I'd tell you more but I have to rush home to watch it again.

    So, what do you think, chickees? Oh, and if you pick up my hair, just donate it to Locks of Love. I think they'll take bloody clumps.

    Lorelai Gilmore: What do you see in my future?
Kristin: A worthy adversary. Just heard about an audition for a possible recurring role on Gilmore Girls (a friend auditioned): Anna, 35 to 40 years old, beautiful in a natural way. She owns a funky boutique. Has to be great with comedy and have a strong enough presence to be a potential threat to Lorelai!

    Question: I anxiously await your AS-P-sponsored scoop on Gilmore Girls. Please tell me the spring wedding is Luke and Lorelai's. — Mary

    Ausiello: Despite my efforts to wrestle the bride's and groom's names out of her, all Amy Sherman-Palladino would confirm is that "there will be a wedding" and it will take place in "April or May." Personally, I'm betting it'll be another Stars Hollow duo, especially given this little tease AS-P dropped on my lap: "Luke and Lorelai have been sort of in a holding pattern about the wedding," she says. "Rory coming home [next week] is going to make Lorelai want to move full-steam ahead, but circumstances are going to make Luke start to be concerned about the speed of that. They're heading toward an interesting upheaval."

    Question: I need more info on what Christopher is going to do when he appears on Gilmore Girls next week! On a side note, I would love one of those Ask Ausiello T-shirts. — Justin

    Ausiello: I'll have some big news on the AA T-shirt very soon — sit tight, Justin. Now, about Christopher's return, AS-P insists he's not coming back to destroy Luke and Lorelai. "Bringing him back [now] is going to fold more into Lorelai-Rory and the Gilmore side of the story than necessarily Lorelai-Luke." Still, she says he's "always going to be a thorn in Luke's side, which is only good for me. Because when everything is happy and delightful and ducky, things get a little dull."

    Question: Rumor has it David Sutcliffe has been asked to join the cast of Gilmore Girls as a regular in Season 7. Say it ain't so. — Brandy

    Ausiello: I'll let AS-P say it instead. "No, we are not talking about having Christopher back in Season 7."

    Question: What's going to happen with Rory and Logan in the wake of Jess' appearance on Gilmore Girls? Are they going to break up? — Ali

    Ausiello: "Logan and Rory are going to hit a rough patch," AS-P concedes. "Logan and Rory's relationship has never been based on deep talkin'. Their relationship has been based on 'Let's have fun! Let's avoid reality! Let's just go play and party!' And Rory doesn't want to avoid reality anymore. And that's going to alter her relationship with Logan." That said, AS-P says, "We have [Matt Czuchry] for the entire year, so kids need to remember that. He's getting paid for the whole year. You don't want to waste that when you're paying for it. But there are going to be a lot of ups and downs for Rory and Logan."

    Alrighty. Spoilers on Everwood and Grey's Anatomy will be posted later. This blog had gone too long...


    jackie said...


    Great scoopage! I was on the boards lastnight looking around, and I saw that someone named Ms. C had detailed what was going to happen in the next eppy. Let me know if you want it....it virtually tells everything.


    ames said...

    wow. i love that even in your tired state, you provide for your darlings. . .

    i did some work for the darlings. . . let's just say there are a few burned CDs with ya'lls names on them. . . well, my name is on them, but the address labels, those will all be you guys! Now i just have to figure out how to beat the cabana club (or is it jail cell) tees. :D giggles. I'm sure your genius will be worth wearing proudly about the Sound. You know I'll so do it.

    love and hugs


    Katherine said...

    Ooh, I love spoiler days!

    Okay, what is ASP smoking? I'm sorry, but I'm with you, M. I used to be a worshiper of ASP. I used to want to be given the opportunity to hover over her, learning how she weaves such an amazing show together so seamlessly. But now, I'm not so sure that I wanna do that.

    I get that you don't want to make an 'I love you' a gimmick. I get it. But still! If you are going to ask someone to marry you, you better have the balls to say those three little words, or else, what the hell are you doing? I see that they say it to each other in the little smiles and crap, but is it so wrong to want to hear the phrase at least once, after 5 years of loyal viewing?

    I wonder if she'd defend her dumbass move of Rory losing it to Dean-o with such passion. Probably. That right there, sort of scare me a little.

    All the VM stuff, awesome. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen with our favorite TV love triangle with the latest development.


    the bro said...


    Try and pick up a copy of Giant magazine. Your girl Kristin Bell is only dressed in va-va-voom undies *rrooowwwrr*. The feature article on her also mentioned that she's playing a role in the US remake of Kairo (Pulse). I don't know how they're going to pull this movie off and sell it to a US audience...the Japanese version was very existential to a degree.

    Hope you had a great time last weekend in spite of the brevity of your stay in JAX.